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You know when you go to the beach at the beginning of the season, even though the sun is shining, the water is freezing! First you just get your feet wet. Soon you find the water around your ankles. The next thing you know your roled up pant legs are soaked … and you're having a blast.

That's the same with social media. You have already started to get wet and you do not even realize it. You use email, get e-newsletters, search websites and hey are reading this blog! These are all pieces of social media. In the pioneering spirit I'd like you all to consider other forms of social media. I know it may be scary. I also know the potential is exciting. Why get involved in social media? It's what's coming. It's the new way to communicate. Heck, it can be fun.

You do not have to jump in and be an expert. You would not dive into the freezing water, right? So why would you think you should know how to navigate different social media. Pick one venue and learn about it. Test it out. See how you like it. Then move in a little deeper.

Pick a form of social media you feel most comfortable with. Do you like to write? Start a blog (really, it only takes a couple minutes to set up, ask my sister). Do you love videos? Try out Viddler or YouTube. Do you like audio and music? Learn to make a podcast. Like to hang out with friends? Try Facebook or another social network.

All in all it's about trying it out bit by bit. Learn what you like and what you do not like. Just like a day back from the beach, you will feel refreshed. Learning something new always has that effect. So where are you going to start?

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