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Website owners have one thing in common, and that is to drive traffic to their website. The most common way to promote your website is through SEO – or search engine optimization. There is no point having a website if it does not receive any traffic, so a webmaster can quite often spend more time promoting the website than they did creating the site. SEO is a very important part to the success of a website.

There are two parts in search engine optimization if you want to build a SEO website, inner and outer of web. For inner part you need to generate meta tag with title, keywords, description … etc. This is we call the easy task because you are the boss and you can manage your web as you wish. On the other side the outer part is a complex process, why? because it depends on the backlinks to your website and you need to ask others to link to your web. Search engines use linking to website as a voting system. More backlinks mean more vote on search engines which means also more popularity to your web and you will get more traffic.

One of the best methods to get thousands of backlinks or one way link is through web directories. A lot of them offer free linking. But visiting every directory to fill out the submitting form is usually long and hard process and not a very satisfying part of promoting your website.

To access this issue you need submit software to link your site to thousands of directories in effective way. By using directory submiter you can add and edit your data such as title, description, keywords, username and password …. etc any time you wish. Plus you will save time, money and get backlinks quickly.

At the end, due to the huge amount of free traffic coming from search engines a lot of marketing experts encourage webmasters to build a seo website.