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Does Facebook Help My Website Traffic?

The top five ranked sites

Alexa is a powerful ranking company that ranks websites differently than Google does. As a result Alexa ranks based on actual use by visitors, in essence website traffic. While Google is the number one search engine they use page rank based on a number of criteria. Links from high traffic sites is very important for Google and how they determine page rank. The top three ranked site in the world are Google (# 1) Facebook (# 2) Yahoo (# 3). If two of the top two sites in the world are search engines that every business wants to be on, only one is left.

The Power of Facebook

Facebook is the fastest growing siteides Google right now. According to Facebook, the average user has 130 friends on the site; More than 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day (worldwide); that is a huge audience. As a result links from Facebook to your website are considered 'golden links' and carry a lot of weight with Google. However, how do we get people to link us from their Facebook page? The best thing to do is exactly what I am doing now. Write articles of interest that link back to your website or blog, and then ask your friends on Facebook to link your site to their Facebook page. At the least if you have 100 friends you should be able to gain 25 back links. Since back links are Google's # 1 means of increasing a site's page rank, it really makes sense to take the time to go through the process.

Spend time or spend money?

Like all internet marketing there is no quick and easy fix that will magically shoot you to the top of Google's first page. Although many companies will make that claim, it's really just a lot of time spent working on the right things that can make a difference in your website traffic performance. Facebook is just one of the ways to increase your internet traffic. Whether you need website design for churches or small business, getting on the first page of the major search engines is a comprehensive process, but very attainable, if you have the right information and the will to do the work.

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