E Commerce Website Design

E Commerce Website Design

E Commerce Website Design

Getting in touch with the world by sitting at home is now a daily and common occurrence. Technology has advanced so much that one can keep contact with anyone and everyone without moving an inch from home. Internet and websites, emails and chat sessions, you can have easy access to all this. You can also deal with the stock exchange, buy or sell shares, transfer money, shop for anything, all by the click of a mouse. You can open up your own website and add pages, photos, exchange information, buy and sell and also transfer money from one place to another. You can earn through the internet and work from home without attending regular office. A new website can be designed with interesting information, new logos, links to interesting websites, add video clippings and upload pictures.

There are specialists who deal with the designing and the concept of web pages. With growing specialization within communication design and information technology there is a tendency to draw a line between web design specifically for web pages and web development for the overall logistics of all web based services.

A ecommerce website is a collection of information of a particular subject. Designing a website is the arrangement and creation of web pages that make up a website. A website is like a book while a web page is like a page of the book. There are many aspects in this process and new aspects keep on emerging every day and you have to keep in touch with the present day technology.

For a commercial web site the basic points of design are:

  • The content which is the information on the site which should be relevant to the site and should aim at the area of ​​interest of the public to which it is targeted
  • The usability – the site should be user-friendly and have interface and simple and reliable navigation.
  • The appearance should include a smooth style with graphics and text being consistent. It should be professional, appealing and relevant.
  • Visibility – the site must be easy to find through major search engines and advertisement media. Google is one of the main search engines at present and many new ones are emerging.

In short, an ecommerce web design should include projects ranging in size from contemporary corporate websites to those that include e-commerce integrations, complex back-end databases and mainstream technologies like multimedia servers.

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