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Everyone loves Facebook applications and many users spend hour on hour hour playing with the various applications that are there. Whether they are sending cute hugs to their friends or playing one of the many games.

Some of these applications have tens of millions of users and are very, very popular. In cases of games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars a cottage industry has sprung up selling books on how to succeed with the game, cheats and even items for the games.

Facebook applications provides you with the opportunity to not only earn an income but also to promote your business or even both, depending on how you promote your business.

Looking at the model of games such as Farm ville, these require credits and game money in order to buy objects for your farm. Now people want to have the largest and best farm so that they can beat their friends and boast to them. Because they want this they are willing to do almost anything to win and succeed.

These games offer their players the opportunity to purchase additional credits to buy advances within the game. Certain items are only available if you buy credits.

Of course, this is a fantastic method of monetization because people get addicted to these games and want to beat their friends and so buy the credits. If you have enough people playing your game and buying credits then you have got a significant income!

Another method of monetization is to display either adsense ads within the application or to monetize it with CPA offers. Depending on the application there may be space to show some AdSense ads which could be a very good earner for you.

Another game, Crusade, was very popular about 12 to 18 months ago. This game also required credits (or blessings as they were called). The easiest way to get these was to complete a variety of CPA offers. The complexity of the CPA offer related to the number of blessings you received so ranged from a simple email or zip submit through to purchasing free trials.

Yet again, this proves that there are numerous ways for you to monetize your Facebook applications to recoup the cost of programming and turn a tidy profit.

Let us not forget the final way of meeting with Facebook applications.

Promoting your own or affiliate products. You can embed adverts or links within your application that go through either to your products or to other affiliate products. This can be a very simple way to monetize a simple application. These could be digital or even physical products via sites such as Amazon or Commission Junction.

You can get applications for Facebook developed at a good price and monetizing them using these techniques can make a big difference to your income. If even a fraction of a percentage of Facebook users start using your application you can make a lot of money! Remember, there are over 400 million active users on Facebook and they are always looking for new and exciting applications!

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