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We have moved to the era of modernization where majority of us use and depend on the technology. Right from the start of the day and till it ends, technology plays a very important role in our life. I still remember those days when having only a small electronic gadget is really a big thing and now a recent study says that around 80 percent of the world population use internet. This fact tells us that why business bodies are concentrating more on the online sales and purchase. The selling and purchasing of products and services through the electronic media is termed as eCommerce (electronic Commerce). Ecommerce provides an easy and convenient way both for the buyers as well as the sellers in buying and selling of products respectively.

Ecommerce works in the same manner as that of a market place where buyers meet sellers online for their need, that is why eCommerce is also known as the virtual shop. Ecommerce website design and development is very important in attracting or getting the clients towards your business. The processing in the recent time has increased a lot that if you have ordered for a certain product now, it will be available to you within a few hours of your purchase. Online shopping is also cost-efficient as companies do not have to pay extra cost to the employers as they have to in the reality shop.

The purpose behind the E-Commerce website development and design and is the elaboration of the business of the company. A question which is frequently asked is why eCommerce websites design varies in comparison to those of other websites. Ecommerce websites have to to be striking and regimented. The reason behind the success of the eCommerce websites is the way of presentation i.e. the manner in which these websites are designed and developed.

The most important principle which must be kept in mind while designing and developing an eCommerce website is Usability, as the name suggest is the way in which a website is used. You have to make your website user friendly. Usability is the process in web design and development in which a customer will go through the buying process with lots of ease and in such an efficient manner that a basic user gets converted into the permanent one. Usability has various criteria under its belt. Let’s consider some of them:

1. The main reason behind your website

While designing your website you must know the main purpose behind the development of it. Just keep the main motto in your mind. Different websites have different purposes likewise if you are a website design firm, then you want to show your designing work or if you are in the selling business then you must be able to present your products and services in an efficient manner. You must know what you want to do with your website before designing it.

2. An attractive website design and layout

You must present your website into logical sections for its better use. It does not matter how many services you offer or how much the amount is present on your website as long as it is not understandable to the customers. Your way of demonstrating your website should be very good. Don’t show your customer complicated stuff. Always remember that you can represent infinite information on a single page but it must be useful for the customer.

3. Website must be search engine friendly

There are large numbers of websites which search engine crawler does not want to or prefer to visit, but there is also some websites in which search engine crawler loves to visit or index. One of the important terms in design and development of the website is the keywords. Keywords are the basic source which makes the search engine to visit the page or find it. Do not spam or copy the content and do not try to trick the search engine crawler, but help search engines identify and index properly the real content of your WebPages. Don’t repeat the same keyword on every page, prepare unique and different keyword content for different pages of your website. Prepare each webpage with search engines in mind, and it’ll help your rankings.

All in all, for website design and development, all crucial aspects and characteristics should be firmly listed. The main motto must be to provide customer with well designed and functional website which should be comfortable in use. You must consistently upload your website with the latest technology as this helps in attracting the customers. It’s very important to know about the web design principles deeply and firmly and consulting with well-informed and experienced website designer companies is a good idea. Also must keep in mind that every business is unique and different from the other one. Last but not the least, considering the crucial factors in website design and development can increase your conversion rate.

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