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Gone are the days where you need to have a brick and mortar store in order to run a successful retail business, and welcome to the world of ecommerce. The success of taking your retail business online starts with a solid marketing strategy and most of all an ecommerce website design, built for success. Here are five tips for making your ecommerce website design a success.

Ecommerce Website Design Success Tip #1 – Showcase Your Products

When crafting your ecommerce website design architecture, think about your customers. The moment visitors come to your website they should know what you sell without having to look for much. Highlight some of your products with a simple flash intro. Make your specials stands out. If you offer free shipping or a money back guarantee, this should all be visible at first glance. Focus on strategically positioning your products; better yet list your product categories on the HOMEpage. Ideally you should have a side bar with a list of all your products, as well as a product drop down menu on the main menu bar. Position your products strategically at every chance you get.

Ecommerce Website Design Success Tip #2 – Focus on Usability

Your new ecommerce website design should make it easy for your customers to get from one product category to the next. Better yet, make sure there is a continue shopping option when a product is purchased and ensure that the option to view shopping cart is available. Also give your customers the option to add or delete items, in order to create a great and user-friendly shopping experience.

Ecommerce Website Design Success Tip #3 – Increase Your Average Sale Per Visitor by Cross Selling.

Do you have products that complement each other or might be ideal for the customer? Cross sell your other products by suggesting other items in a non-disruptive manner. For example, if you sell skin care products, perhaps if a customer purchased a night-cream, it might be wise to also suggest a cleanser once the customer have added the night-cream to their shopping cart, by using a simple pop-up or automation. A great ecommerce website design should cover all the bases by seizing opportunity to sell your products at every opportunity.

Ecommerce Website Design Success Tip #4 – Provide an Option to Checkout as a Guest.

I have seen too much ecommerce website design that included only two options – create an account or sign in for the returning customer. People like options; don’t force your customers to create a user-account that stores their information if they don’t want to. It may lead to you losing the sale. Add an option for your customers to check-out as a guest, you can still capture their email information to send offers, order confirmation and a thank you during the checkout so there is no need to force your customers to create an online account.

Ecommerce Website Design Success Tip #5 – Give Your Customers Peace of Mind – Use a Recognizable Secure Sockets Layer or SSL for Website Security.

A great ecommerce website design makes it easy for your website visitor to do business with you. In this day an age where identity theft is so rampant it is important to highlight to your customers that you are taking steps to secure their personal and sensitive information. Add a SSL certificate to your website and publish that it is protected by a credible company such as Verisign or GeoTrust, which are companies that are recognizable by most online shoppers.

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