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Effects of Web Design in a Website

Web design encompasses the way that content in hypertext or hypermedia is shown in the Internet. Web design is also known as the way on how a collection of content in a certain website is arranged.

Content is important in any website but how it is arranged makes it stand out from any other website. Web design makes the website more accessible, organized and appealing to visitors.

Creating a website is not simply placing information in a page. A website also needs certain pages to make the website more interactive. Websites need traffic to make the site profitable and useful. Thus, a good web design is important.

Moreover, a website also needs to add certain pages to supply the needs of viewers such as a ‘HOME page’, ‘Feedback’ or ‘Contact us’ page, and ‘About us’ page or ‘Fact Sheet’.

HOME page is necessary since it would be the front page when your viewer is directed to your site. The HOME page should include an introduction about your product, your site, services offered as well as purpose of the site. Furthermore, if it is a selling site, you might want to include a fact sheet about the product that you are selling.

Meanwhile, a ‘feedback’ or ‘contact us’ page is essential to make the site more interactive and helpful to viewers. By doing so, you are establishing rapport with your viewers and at the same time winning their trust. This is also beneficial since the viewers’ queries, reactions, feed backs and suggestions can be used to improve the product as well as the site.

An ‘about us’ or ‘fact sheet’ is important to supply information, if you have a selling site, you can include a fact sheet about the product you are selling. Viewers are more pleased when they are supplied with extensive information about the product that they will be getting. However, refrain from giving too much information, but simply sort out valuable and sensible information.

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