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The cost of advertising or publicity of your product or services in Electronic media compared to Email marketing is much higher.

To understand this we need to understand the process of Electronic media.

In Electronic media, particularly Television & Radio we can broadly have three types of advertisements

1. TVC
2. Ad films
3. Live interactive programs

TVC can be classified into three types depending on time,

10 sec
20 sec
30 sec

The cost of advertisements in television can be broadly be classified on a basis of time.

The cost of advertisement in any international media in television can cost anything more than USD 300 for 10 seconds or more. Email marketing can also give a product, service, person, idea or a concept an international exposure and can work as an excellent marketing communication media. Hypothetically an Email marketing campaign will cost 200% less than television advertisement.

The cost of graphics used to make the presentation in online media through email marketing is much lower than in Traditional Electronic media, viz, television and radio. Today Email marketing is not only restricted to computers but with development of technology it has made a transition to mobile or cell phone devices. Many of the mobile or cell phone devices do support emails.

The other costs like editing, man power, studio, models, lights, camera all these are not much into email marketing. In Email marketing the cost of models, designing and programming can be there or it can be simple textual mails with static graphics or photos.

Email marketing has more captive audience than television or radio because Email id's are person specific. So the cost is more optimized.

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