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There are hundreds of 'trending' articles out there at the moment due to the long awaited end to a slow 2010 for many marketers. Fortunately for those in the direct marketing industry, businesses looked to save money on their marketing strategies and as a result turned to email marketing as a more cost effective means of communicating with consumers.

Along with its cost effectiveness, another key feature of email marketing that has continued to increase in importance is the ability to target consumers based on behavior, location, age and preferences. In 2011, every form of media has seen predictions differently in whether they will rise or fall; signifying that the uncertainty is still to subside. However, it is a safe bet that insight in to customer requirements and desires is going to be crucial for 2011.

In order to both maintain current customers and attract the new, marketers will need to offer what others do not – a more bespoke service. Being made to feel special and individual is innate in humans and if marketers can make the consumer feel this way, half the battle is already won.

Consumers have come to expect targeted advertising and if they do receive something entirely unrelated and abstract, they are likely to disregard it without consideration as the marketing HOMEwork has not been done previously.

The unabating social media train is testament to the power of engagement. 2009 saw a social media frenzy in which companies raced to be involved with the different sites; 2010 saw the trend continue in terms of marketing but 2011 is set to see businesses take social media more seriously than ever. Already this year, fashion site ASOS has launched a fully functional site through its Facebook page, combining shopping with social media.

Support of social media is telling of what email marketers have known for years; engagement is paramount to companies wanting to bridge the gap and form a relationship with their consumers. Email marketing can offer you the opportunity to target customers and, if you have an ongoing relationship with your email marketing company, monitor the results over time. This allows you to adapt every email campaign to suit the recipient and adjust to their typical behaviors.

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