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Social City is a brand new Facebook city building game from Playdom. Players can create various things, which include buildings, leisure, terrain, residences, and contracts that create goods, which in turn grant you, coin. As each player levels up new buildings turn out to be obtainable. You start with a small grid area but can inflate your playing area with game cash or getting more Facebook neighbors.

Social City is one of the fastest growing Facebook game apps ever. In the game you become the mayor of your own virtual city. The game starts off by the player needing population, which is growing on a frenziedly basis by your buildings. When more population becomes available, an small marker will come into view over a house or apartment and specify that more people are prepared to join your city. Next you will click on the icons so the people join and your city population will grow. This can run in to some predicaments with micromanaging when your city begins to grow in size and at times can slow down your game down and sometime become frustrating.

To make money (coin) in the game players need to construct factories. You can only have a couple of factories at the launch but as you level up more will become presented to you. In the factories you need to grab some contracts, which produce all of your goods. You may make puffies treats, slinkies, tv’s, bikes, chair’s and so on which will give you coin once they are finished. You also need to use coins to fabricate the goods and they can expire if your not online and available once the goods are all set for delivery. You must to decide on which contracts you will accept if you’re a laid-back casual type of player for the reason that they will expire before you can collect your money if you do not play. As soon as the contract is done you may select the factory and start on a new one.

Your populace also need leisure actions and this can be provided by buildings, sushi places, bars, parks, fast food, tennis and basketball courts, and so on. As your city grows the need for leisure as well increases so you require more of these types of buildings to please all your inhabitants. Leisure buildings also need to be, at times, cleaned to keep leisure level elevated which requires additional clicking. You can also adorn your city with enhancing tiles and add roads too.

Social City is a fantastic Facebook game that is well worth playing. After all it is free.

When you play you can observe little Sims type inhabitants moving about your city doing various activities. The only disadvantage to the game is the extreme quantity of clicking that is required to keep your city in order, which over time becomes frustrating if you have a huge grid (city).

You can find hundreds of screenshots to get city layout ideas as well as guides on how to level fast or get the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

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