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Online reputation is the reflection of a person’s esteem or brand on the internet. Reputation formation is not under the exclusive management of companies but evolves when people talk or give their opinions about a particular brand.

How many well-liked brands for years have become the most hated in a matter of minutes? Thus, as their followers in social networks, blogs or forums can raise them, they also can bring them down, due to a wrong decision or an unfortunate comment.

If a brand wants to keep selling, it must take care of its online reputation management services online every day and strive to keep its followers captive and attract those who do not follow it. Here some tips.

· Everything that affects my online environment also affects offline and vice versa. Online actions must back a company’s offline communication strategy. We live in times, in which those who receive the results of the presidential elections by twitter before they the announcement is made on television, therefore, the power of social networks has gained a lot of relevance and deserved that both the communication adviser and the online reputation management services work together.

· Content is king. The content marketing is the best way to avoid negative reputation. Do not publish information solely about your products. The online consumer today seeks friends, not just companies. Create your content that interests your followers and brings them closer to your brand. If you sell personal care products, tips on how to take care of the face in summer or a motivational phrase will make you start to remember in a special way.

· Monitor social networks. Your best thermometer is social networks, even to prevent a crisis of communication, which often originates in these channels. An annoying user can post a message with label a known opinion leader or influencer that as a result reaches thousands of followers. Let your online reputation management services handle such sensitive issues.

· Do not resort to traps. Many professionals or online reputation management services resort to dirty tricks to fictitiously increase their reputation, such as back SEO practices, buy followers on social networks or use fake accounts to write favorable opinions in forums. These methods can give some short-term results, but over time they will not only have no effect but will probably end up being discovered and negatively impacting our reputation, just the opposite we were looking for!

· Online reputation management services can increase if we are present on different channels (the web, blog, YouTube channel, social networks, etc.). But keep an eye, you have to consider how each of these channels works and what is the most appropriate way to interact with them?

Strategies such as creating a blog that runs parallel to your company’s activity, social network management, and other actions will help strengthen your brand’s online reputation. Add creativity and lots of content of interest, and get ready to take off.

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