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Bitcoin ETFs have been making waves in the United States since the first ETF was approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in 2021. However, across the pond, these digital assets exchange-traded funds have not had much luck. That is, until now, when the first Bitcoin ETF is set to start trading in Europe, two years after the first BTC ETF started trading in the United States.

First Bitcoin ETF In Europe Set To Go Live

Now, the Bitcoin ETF situation is not for lack of trying as there were applications following the US approvals. One of those was from the Jacobi Asset Management which had been approved back in 2023. While anticipation around the launch of Jacobi’s Bitcoin ETF grew, the digital asset manager would eventually stall the release for a year.

At the time, the market was just entering its bear market phase which was initially triggered by the Terra LUNA collapse, which was understandable. However, the delay would continue through 2023, until now, when Jacobi has announced that it is set to begin trading.

According to a Financial Times report published early on Thursday, the firm is ready to move forward with its Bitcoin ETF and will launch for trading this month. This comes after the ETF received approval in Guernsey to begin trading.

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BTC price struggles to maintain $30,500 | Source: BTCUSD on

The fact that the Bitcoin ETF is launching now could point to increased interest from institutional players in Europe, which could help to drive demand. Jacobi Asset Management points to this, saying that the ETF is launching now because “demand has shifted since last summer.”

Digital Asset ETFs Heat Up

The launch of Europe’s very first Bitcoin ETF comes amid the clamor from large fund managers to get a Spot ETF approved in the United States. So far, the likes of BlackRock, Fidelity, and WisdomTree, among others, have filed for Spot Bitcoin ETFs. And even after the SEC came back to call their filings inadequate, the fund managers have doubled down and refiled their applications.

These ETFs, if approved, could be the trigger for the next bull run. Their potential impact has already been shown when the price of BTC surged above $31,000 following news of the Spot ETF applications by BlackRock and others.

If anything, the rise in the number of fund managers filing for ETFs already suggests that these wealth managers are getting a lot of interest from their clients. And these clients are large investors whose entrance into the space could see billions of dollars flow into crypto.

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