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There was a time when people used to browse the internet only from the desks. But the nature of browsing has evolved due to the advent of a responsive outlook. Since, there has been a standard design for websites that were meant for browsing on the desktop, the same websites when opened on tablets and mobiles lag and show unattractive layout on the screen. This is when the responsive websites came into existence. These websites are being responsive in nature work perfectly well on any kind of devices and improve the browsing experience of the viewers.

What is a responsive design?

Well, a responsive web design is an approach that is used to create a flexible design suitable for all types of screen sizes. It provides the viewers a pleasant viewing experience with it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Why mobile responsive website design is important

With the quick rise in popularity of mobile browsing, viewers are looking forward to use a user-friendly website that is free of glitches. First of all, the design should look attractive and it should be easy to read. The responsive design allows the website to fit the mobile screen, without compromising on the resolution quality.

The best mobile friendly responsive design helps in gaining traffic from mobile users, decreases the cost of maintenance, improves the SEO experience and provides a seamless browsing experience.

How responsive website design can help your business grow

It improves the Google ranking

When the design is highly mobile responsive in nature, it ensures the users to have a flawless browsing experience. This builds the reputation of the website, enabling it to appear during Google's search and helps the website get the desirable high rank in Google.

It helps in higher conversions

A quality website is a vital factor in user satisfaction which leads to higher conversions. If the user stays on the website for a longer period of time, then it helps in increasing the conversion rates. It is important for every business to design their website strategically.

Which points to keep in mind while creating a responsive website
• Mobile responsive website design should have a flexible layout to fit every type of screen. Use flexible grids to arrange the content properly.
• Only focus on the essentials that make your website design look neat and useful. Hide the less important things under the cascading menu.
• Make sure you use simple HTML code with a semantic core layout. If you keep things simple, your user experience will also be high.
• Set a minimum and a maximum limit for your website. It should be well optimized to work seamlessly on any device.

Every digital marketer believes that an outstanding responsive website can drive huge traffic for the business. The best mobile-friendly responsive design is that which will help the user to have optimal browsing experience anywhere and everywhere. So, create a website that has a perfect responsive website design keeping all the important factors under consideration and taking your business to great heights.

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