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Facebook is an international highway of communication. Not only does it allow you to keep in touch with friends and family but it is an excellent tool of advertising and promoting businesses. Facebook allows the opportunity of networking and sharing your very own ideas to the world or who you choose to share it with. People of all ages young and old have submitted to this '' world ''. It is certainly in my opinion a world on its own as millions and millions of people across the world actively use it.

It helps one get in touch with long lost friends and family, and the cool thing about this is that you choose who you want to allow to access your information. Thanks to this site, I have personally been able to track down old long lost friends share my travels (via pictures) with friends and family back HOME and in other countries. I mean let's take a second to think about this, if Facebook was not around how would we ever manage to send pictures letters songs videos notes etc to people in other countries or cities?

'' Facebook '' – a world wide phenomenon

Fair enough, one would appeal the point of, emails but come on !!! I mean Facebook just makes it all so much more convenient and it allows you to share with people on your profile which email facilities are quite limited.

There are cons however example. Pedophiles stalkers etc but I think people just need to be smart enough not to allow that nonsense. I mean I have been using Facebook for the past 5 to 6 Months and not once have I allowed this sort of thing. It's all about your personal security and your personal opinions on preventing unknown people into your personal life on Facebook. All in all what it would life (cyberlife) be without Facebook? In my opinion Facebook makes a world of difference in the international communication sector and I think that instead of condemning it people should embrace it and make use of it.

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