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Facebook Ad Power is the newest Facebook marketing product, put together by Ryan Deiss. It was bred out of the need to find traffic sources other than Google AdWords for Internet marketing, but the strategies can be applied to any marketing campaign, no matter the industry or niche.

Facebook serves more than 38 billion ad impressions each and every month, and that number is only going up. The traffic itself is extremely high quality – oftentimes better than what can be found on Google itself. The difficult thing with Facebook Advertising has always been getting ad creative and landing pages approved. Facebook has always enforced terms of service that were exceptionally stringent, and that can be a big issue with people trying to get started.

At the start, Facebook wasn’t very easy to use for marketers. The ads performed poorly and there wasn’t much of a return on investment. Sure, the clicks were cheap, but they didn’t perform. That tide has changed though. Now, with Internet marketers and big companies alike, Facebook marketing is the new buzzword phrase. And that’s what Facebook Ad Power is all about.

Facebook Ad Power was built for one reason, to get you up and running fast. Normally, when you tackle a new ad platform, there are weeks spent testing campaigns and thousands of dollars wasted before you know what you’re doing. Ryan is letting us sidestep all that. He’s gone in and tested what works and what doesn’t. From ad text to landing pages to demographic targeting. Let me tell you, all I had to do was log in to Facebook, create my campaigns and start tracking profits. It really is that simple if you take Ryan’s course.

One of my favorite parts about Facebook Ad Power is the monthly question and answer calls. He does this to update all of us on changes to Facebook’s algorithm in regards to advertising. In all actuality, the calls have saved me quite a bit of money because I know about changes before they happen, rather than logging in and having to adjust my campaigns after the fact. Facebook is a progressive company and they will be making changes for a long time, so this kind of insider information is crucial!

In summary, if you’re serious about tapping into Facebook’s users, make sure you check out Facebook Ad Power. The training will get you up and running fast, without wasting thousands of dollars in testing. Quite simply, it’ll give you the edge over your competition, no matter what market you’re in.

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