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Well as you can imagine there is not such a thing that involve the benefits of using CAD and being hooked on some Facebook application. We all know it could have been done by now, but again, we are facing a missed opportunity here.

As we all know, Facebook became extremely popular within the younger generation and so on thanks to the firm excellent marketing strategies as well as being despite the very first social site that managed to grow out itself to the international market.

Nowadays, Facebook is not only for keeping touch and for general socializing but for playing one of those fairly addictive app-games and thus meeting other players / people. The question here: is there any application that would increase the awareness of the player towards the CAD / engineering field. Well as we have said earlier we could not managed to find anything remotely related to this topic yet we are sure that it could have been made as addictive as the developers like that ensuring more Facebook users, more visitors now more income. Plus the whole construction industry would benefit from the skill gained / raised awareness from the application.

Would it be a win-win situation on a global scale? Yes, it may be the case, if not then it is still OK, there would be another unsuccessful application in the Facebook's relevant folder. No big deal I guess, there are several hundred of them already.

I do not think anyone has ever considered this option and I must be the one who swallows the cold poison here as there is no one to be blamed. The IT crowed is not really interested in this sort of education, they have thousands of ideas how to make us sit down to the pc every day, and the executives of the construction industry are busy to keep their shareholders and themselves as happy as it is possible.

So, what about those who got hooked on the digital word and now they need to leave the parental safe house? I can tell you that, easy money to be a telesales agent, customer service rep and if they work hard they might become an IT system engineer too. They will have a decent career at the end too without ever considering CAD as a career.

The only one who struggles here is the senior engineer because he always faces the difficulty to find a good CAD engineer / designer. People still treat this subject as a secondary, boring and low paid job without the opportunity of any career progress.

The only looser of this game is us engineers. We are being forced to struggle with the recruitment and often does the CAD work by ourselves while masses of people are being forced into dead-end jobs. Will this ever change, what do you think?

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