Facebook Application Tips – Increase Audience

Facebook Application Tips – Increase Audience

Promoting Your Application

There are several ways to do this. One possibility is to focus on the user experience and see how to remove the obstacles for the user. Do this exercise. Describe the experience and feedback from beginning to end, ideal as a user in this scheme:

1st Fans are invited
2nd Fan accepts the invitation
3rd Fan authorizes the application
4th Fan, this means, do that
5th Fan Invites Friends
6th The fan does not use the application with this frequency.
7th This eliminates the user's application.

You know what you want, you want to switch the user to 1 to 2, 3-4-5 in the cycle, but still 6-7. Now examine each step individually and carefully. What would make the user accept the invitation? Why would a user not accept the invitation?

The best is mild to describe a linear process of this kind, then deviations from this ideal.

(Do you really want the user to the application to use regularly. But that is another problem that is only indirectly discovered here.)

Change Order

The end user must approve most applications, or not useful. But you can almost always allow the user in her boutique and appetites walking. "Require_login is the largest block in the process of integration of the users.

It is difficult to program, you must decide how to treat users who have not authorized. It is worth the effort.

As program without require_login

So now the number 3, which has been delayed. See what happens when you change the order of the sentences, the way to change. In general, you want to invite directly to a page after the approval. This will result in a tremendous success rate in terms of increasing your overall audience.

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