Facebook Applications – How They Can Help You

Facebook Applications – How They Can Help You

How Facebook Applications Work

Building an application on Facebook allows you to integrate the attraction of app software with Facebook's notification and news feed features.

This is a keen tool in the prospective app market as it allows for friend-to-friend recommendation and sharing, not forgetting the best tool of advertising – word of mouth.

Facebook applications are enabled through three main installation features:

  1. The Canvas Page – which is where your app is loaded.
  2. Social Channels – which provide a key engagement tool for current users as well as for potential customers.
  3. Analytics – which allow you to track the progress of your app – seeing the strengths and weaknesses of your targeted base.

Facebook applications gained popularity due to their ability to function and advertise within a social network. Unlike typical app promotion on places such as the iStore , Facebook applications allow you to target and combine user interest with promotion.

Facebook applications are ideal for companies who wish to expand their brand potential to active online users. Having a Facebook app is crucial step in the development of an online marketing strategy.

Popular Facebook Applications

On average, Facebook applications are being installed more than 20 million times a day. The most popular apps (some of which illustrated below) are getting in the hundreds of thousands of users per day.

Hidden Chronicles – is one of the most popular Facebook apps. Based on the idea of ​​hidden object games, Hidden Chronicles unlocks the secret mysteries around Ramsey Mansion. With 6, 100, 000 daily active users this quest is providing to be a popular one.

Yahoo – as the HOMEpage app, Yahoo can provide users with access to a wide range of recent news topics as well as weather updates, e-mail and horoscope information. There are a reported 8, 700, 000 daily active users for this app combining the functions of local and international information.

Netflix is the online movie and TV streaming website that offers unlimited media for a set monthly fee. Film buffs and TV fans alike are using this app at an average of 630, 000, the cheapest way to enjoy online entertainment.

Scramble with Friends is the most popular word game, offering friend to friend interaction with more than 900, 000 users daily.

Recent Facebook Application Growth

Facebook applications have moved from strength to strength in recent years. Offering most recently, the rise of article sharing has benefited from using the Facebook platform. In the UK, The Guardian app allows users to instantly share what articles they are reading with other Facebook users.

The appeal of this idea relates again on the benefits of networking. An article that one user finds interesting has a reliably high chance of being of similar interest to their personal networks. Therefore when a notification on their news-feed announces the article read, it is likely that others will be intrigued and want to know what their friend knows, then downloading the app.

Music, or song sharing, has also experienced recent success with its Facebook integration, Spotify now allows users to update what songs or albums they are listening to, sharing with their networks and encouraging others to do the same.

Why Use Facebook Applications in Your Business?

Paid for applications on Facebook allows your business to reap the rewards of a low-cost product being purchased millions of times. With app consumption continuing to grow the rise of the paid for app is on the rise, though the free apps are even faster.

You may ask then how can revenue be created with free apps? The answer is through in-app advertising. This form of marketing allows companies to purchase within app space, advertising only within the parameters of the app. This is useful for targeting a very specific audience but can equally yield the very best results from this approach.

For example if a company were interested to promote their new kitchen product, they may use an in-app advertisement within a cooking application. This increases their chance of interest and relationships on the frequent use of the app user to repeat this message.

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