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A new dimension to Facebook marketing strategy is the Facebook business page on Facebook. This page on one of the most popular social networking sites with over 500,000,000 users are planned for business, brands and products. For those who are interested in social marketing and would want to use a Facebook business page as a tool to enhance his, then the following things can be kept in mind:

Facebook does not permit any account to exist only for the heck of business. So it’s better to be careful as if they sense something of the sort, the account can be deleted. It is beat to have a personal account as these Facebook business pages need anyway be operated through the personal profile.

Your Facebook business page needs fans otherwise they would not be shown in the result. The immediate fix is to become a fan of it yourself and later ask your friends to join your Facebook business page.

Put in the necessary details of your company- aim, description, foundation, products etc.

If you have a Facebook business page it becomes possible for you to open the ad platform.

Facebook with its very new application of focused ads can calculate the possible number of members who fit into your target group when you give away your demographic details, keywords, locations etc.

You need to decide up on the amount you wish to offer for every click through.

Next send friend requests and make new friends, become a part of their regular life and gradually make them visit your Facebook business page and direct them to your website or blog through this Facebook business page. Thus the traffic would now partly become your web-traffic.

And by doing this over time you will build a guru status on your page, and if you make sure that you update your blog regularly with good content you will have a lot of people revisiting your sites, sharing your posts and even recommending you to there Facebook friends providing you with a lot of exposure and a lot of traffic. The main objective of Facebook is to personalise with your Facebook prospects, making them trust you more, therefore they are more likely to buy or opt-in therefore making you money.

This is a new avenue of marketing on Facebook. With the advent of social network marketing, Facebook is rolling in a world of popularity, people actually spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. You have a massive opportunity it’s just up to you to take advantage of it.

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