Facebook For Real Estate Agents

Facebook For Real Estate Agents

Social marketing is the new thing-can you identify any of the three popular social networking websites? Do you know how to effectively use each of them? Do you know who the average user is on each? How does each of them effect your marketing strategy?


In this short series of articles we hope to give agents a few tips and tricks to help them use social networking to their advantage.

So what is Facebook?

Facebook in laymans terms is a social networking platform which allows people to share their life with others through short status updates, pictures and small unique applications.

Your main page is referred to as your "Wall" and it shows all of your friends updates

I'll skip the signing up part, for now and ask you to visit us at where your membership gets you detailed instructions, for our purposes here I'll try and give you some clue about why people, especially those under the age of 30 use Facebook.

People use it to keep in touch with friends from high school, college, family that lives out of town, work friends from previous jobs etc.

So how should you use it if you are agent? Have a good time. Add your personal information, including high school and college if applicable. Add pictures of yourself, your significant other, your travel pictures, the photo of that great built in BBQ you just built, your kids (if you're comfortable with that, remember you'll get to choose who sees your photos). Social marketing is all about letting others be part of your life-the more comfortable sharing your daily activities the better response you are going to get. Facebook is a powerful platform because it allows for quick updates as well as more detailed discussions.

Probably the best use of Facebook for Realtors is to use it to stay top of mind for their previous clients and their friends. A small but important tip about Facebook. If a previous client of yours posts something on your wall-all of your previous client's friends will be able to see that message. Your previous clients will also see any message of yours that you post on their wall. Think about that for a second, if every one of your previous clients has 200 Facebook friends, that is 200 possible referrals that are privy to your conversations from a previously satisfied client. How many deals would you expect if someone asked you to spend each Saturday night at their house with their 200 closest friends?

Engage your previous clients in conversation. Talk to them like they are sitting across the table from you. If their kids look cute in their Halloween pics, say that! You might be surprised how easily the conversation seems to come.

Lastly I have heard a lot of Realtors talking about skipping the social side of Facebook and instead using it as a Pay Per Click service. The draw is that you're only paying $ 0.10 (Yes, 10 Cents per Click) One thing you'll notice as soon as you sign up for Facebook-you do not pay attention to those ads on the right hand side of the screen , you're not on Facebook to be sold something …. honestly it's annoying and there is a reason why it's so cheap compared to Google AdWords.

The bottom line for Facebook: Interact with me, if I like you and it seems like you're a full time Realtor who knows what he / she is talking about, you'll get my business.

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