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Has anyone ever thought how Facebook has changed us? In what I am going to talk about i will go on the side of how Facebook has changed us for the better. Do you think we have changed for the better with it? Facebook has allowed us to find those people we had lost touch with when they went to school with us or maybe we use to work with them or even if maybe they were just people we hung out with when we were friends. It can show us pictures, information on whereabouts and also all other aspects of someone's personal life.

It has allowed us to reach out to lots of people at one time and also to keep in touch with our families. Facebook you might say has even helped with some people who have been suffering from depression for people to reach out and help those people. This has also allowed us to reach and show people our life's through profiles and put everything down, great for catching up with old friends and knowing what family is up to. Facebook caught on very fast and it spread life a wildfire. You ask why, because people want to see people they know and know about them.

It's sometimes a brag wall for some people because of the constant posting on their profile front wall. Some people these days are even added to using Facebook constantly having to check it out.

Other stuff we can say about Facebook is how far around the world it has spread. It is everywhere in every continent we all want to connect and see people we know. Not only did Facebook change the world in so many ways it also showed us what is possible when the whole social structure is extended to reach the whole globe.

It has done immense things for charities and world organizations for reaching out to everyone. With now over 600 million users as of January 2011 this is mine blowing. This is definitely one of the monumental things created in the 21st century that will be remembered for a long time to come.

One side note to think about when using Facebook, is that some employers are now checking such accounts like Facebook during your interview process when getting a job. So if there is stuff on there you do not want them to see you had better remove it before going for a job.