Facebook Marketing – A “How to Social Network Mar…

Facebook Marketing – A “How to Social Network Mar…

"How to social network marketing" is probably one of the newer and hotter topics in internet marketing recently. This form of marketing is indeed quite a new animal, different from the more traditional forms of internet marketing such as PPC, SEO, blogging, e-zines, and so on. These networks are also frequently known as Web 2.0, which sort of represents the new trend of online marketing which takes into account the social nature of human beings. It is this social nature within all of us that has spurred the development of social networks, of which Facebook is still the most prominent and successful social network to date. Besides seeking information online, it has been determined that humans seek to network socially online via emails, chats, as well as the many avenues of sharing made possible in a network such as Facebook, ranging from games, apps, photos, comments, and the list keeps growing everyday.

Therefore, an effective strategy using Facebook has to take full advantage of how we can market effectively on a network such as Facebook, which is different from marketing on a search engine. As mentioned, the focus of people on Facebook is to network socially, as compared to seeking information on Google. How to market on Facebook usually begins with one's profile. This has to represent either the individual or business in an attractive or attention-grabbing manner. One should also make good use of fan pages, which allows businesses, brands, celebrities, and products to have a page of news, photos, and information where interested people can add themselves as fans to be kept updated.

Facebook has many other social features such as groups, events, and tagging, which allows people to quickly connect with each other by taking full advantage of the power of Facebook as a marketing solution. Basically, groups and events allow like-minded people to invite their friends and network among each other based on a topic or event of common interest. The true power of social networking becomes evident as friends of friends can also see what updates are taking place to a person's profile, and hence word-of-mouth advertising is indeed very automated and powerful in a social network like Facebook. For businesses large and small Facebook marketing is undetected a necessity in this the age of the internet. Businesses who are not taking advantage of Facebook marketing are in danger of lagging behind their competitors.

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