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Do not you just LOVE Facebook Marketing?

NO! And yes. Guess I sound a little confused, eh? Try A LOT confused sometimes! I mean, I LOVE the fact that you can reach so many people in a social setting. At least, that's the claim to fame. But how social is it really?!?

Come on … you know what I'm talkin 'about. It should be entertaining, reading everyone's posts. Instead, most of the time it feels like I'm sitting through a bunch of stupid commercials that make me want to bang my head against the computer table until I'm unconscious.

You might get the idea that I hate commercials. In point of fact, I LOATHE THEM !! (With the exception of a very few, like the hamsters doin 'the' Party Rock 'thing with the robot / transformer type dudes.)

There's nothing worse to me than getting to a really climactic place in a movie only to have it go to commercial. Then there are the shows that give you 5 minutes of program and 10 minutes of commercials.

I hate commercials so much that most of the time I either pause a show for awhile and go and get something else done so I can fast forward through the commercials, or I just record it and watch it later so I can do the same thing.

And then I get on Facebook and get slammed with all of these stupid commercials again! I do not think so. Are these people for real?!? Is that what they call Facebook marketing?

It's okay to share you opportunity in a way that provides real value to people if you're also providing valuable info without the personal plug as well. And you need to genuinely interact with people … socialize … it is social media marketing, so get social already!

But these people who just get on there and hawk their wares, and make outrageous claims about how awesome-tastic their junk is, and how you're gonna be rich in 30 days! And they do not even read anyone's else's stuff. Gag me already!

I joined a bunch of groups related to stuff I like to blog about. And I got so sick and tired of getting 16 notifications that Jack Bigstuff posted the same commercial in 16 groups, followed by Jane ( I'm all that ) posting her commercial in 12 other groups, and both promising success and riches in a week to 30 days.

Give me a break! Seriously, does that stuff really work? I can not imagine that kind of Facebook marketing appealing anyone but the brand new starry-eyed 'I'm gonna be an internet Rock Star' kinda folks that dump you and your stuff as soon as the next awesome-tastic thing coming along.

Oh let's talk about the trend bandwagon. A bunch of followers with no imagination! It started with everyone being taught to post inspirational, educational and entrepreneurial quotes to provide value to their friends and fans. So the big deal was who could come up with the coolest quotes. Well that just got got boring.

Now everyone jumped on the "put your quotes on these cool looking images" party boat, and they are EVERYWHERE!

Now I have to admit, when they first started popping up here and there, I thought there were pretty cool. But now, man they are just passe. Where's the personality? Where's the originality? What makes one person stand out from another?

And then there are those people who actually LIVE on Facebook. Literally! They must post 50 times a day! Get a real life people! One with people you can have real relationships with.

Do not get me wrong here. You can form some mutually valuable and lasting relationships through your marketing efforts. But that should not be the only place you develop relationships. At least to my way of thinking (which I must admit might not be your way of thinking.)

All of that being said, there are people who are making a mint with Facebook marketing. They've got 40,000 fans, and they've got this Facebook thing nailed down.

But they're the exception, not the rule. And they are the ones who are LEADING, NOT FOLLOWING!

You get my drift here? It's time to try something different here folks. Be daring, BE REAL! Stop being lazy and start thinking for your self.

What stuff do you like to talk about? What online business stuff do you struggle with? What kind of walls do you keep running into? What are you doing that's working?

If this is the kinda stuff that interests you, than there are obviously other folks wondering about the same stuff. Hey, BINGO! You've got a match!

You'll actually be attracting people who have stuff in common with you, who can RELATE to you. And they found you because you stand out as YOU. You were real in a pond full of plastic decoys.

Facebook marketing. Whose definition are you operating by? How about creating your own definition and start steppin 'up your game? Become the marketer you can be, instead of a clone of all the wannabes on Facebook.

Whew! Guess I about covered it all in this Facebook love-hate rant! Thanks for 'listening' and I hope you enjoyed it. Why do not you leave me a comment about what you REALLY think of this post? And do not hold back … I can take it.

Thanks for comment good or bad …

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