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In this article we are going to discuss about Facebook marketing. It includes some important points regarding Facebook pages. Then we discuss about how business should use Facebook in order to get the most return from it. Finally, you will find out three key areas that you need to pay attention to when you drive traffic to your website using Facebook advertising.

Things You Need To Know About Facebook Fan Page

There are some important things that people often do not realize about fan pages:

– At present, you can create as many fan pages as you want, if you have a Facebook account.

– You can have unlimited number of fans. It is different from friends that you can only have maximum 5,000.

– Unless you decide not to publish your Facebook page, it can be seen by anyone, including search engine, without logging in to Facebook.

– Google will index Facebook page. In other words, you can apply your existing SEO technique to a Facebook fan page. It is probably the most important point because business has Facebook prescriptions may not leverage their fan page power to the max.

– You can include external resources, like a website, into your Facebook fan page. It can further extend the functionality of your current page. You can also create marketing campaign that is specifically designed for Facebook.

Using Facebook As a Marketing Tool?

Quite a number of people think that Facebook is a great marketing resource because a lot of people are using Facebook everyday. Although they are correct to certain extend, Facebook is not originally designed to be a marketing platform. It is a social media platform. In other words, it is designed for people interacting with each other online. Marketing is just one of the ways of using Facebook. Just like search engine, it is designed to allow users to search and get result, not for advertising purpose.

However, most businesses can not see it and they create a Facebook fan page because other people are doing the same thing. As a result, they do not have many fans on their fan page and their business does not benefit from the fan page.

So let's discuss how to use Facebook advertising to drive traffic to your fan page and website.

Driving Traffic Using Facebook Advertising

The most important key to be successful in Facebook advertising is to know who is your customer. Without you define your target customers as detail as possible, you may not get good result from Facebook advertising. After refining your ideal customer profile, you can create a marketing campaign specifically targeting those customers.

The next key is about image. Some people think that having a good image is important but other people find that it is not. Actually the answer depends on what business you are in. So you have to do a split test: first create an ad that has an attractive image and create another one that does not have an attractive image, see which one perform better. You will find that out very soon.

Remember to test your ad copy also. Similar to testing image, you need to do a split test on your ad copy and find out which copy to get more clicks, and more customers for you.

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