Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook Marketing for Small Businesses

Facebook, the leading social networking website has now emerged as a preferred marketing tool for small business owners. The pages in Facebook are more than a real website and therefore getting targeted traffic is very easy. Its smooth ability to spread information across a network of friends, especially the young people, has created vast opportunities for small business owners offering products and services to sell through Facebook marketing. The initial steps to market through Facebook are very easy with creating a page for the business and then start interacting with others by providing all information on the products and services.

Setting Up a Facebook Page:

The personal profile page of every Facebook user contains a button for creating a page. A page can be created for any local business or place, company or organization, brand or product, an artist or public figure or for a social cause or entertainment. There are hundreds of categories in each group to select and the users can opt for the correct category as per their requirement. Setting a cover photo will enable them to showcase the product or service and a memorable web address will help to promote the product or service perfectly. Once the basic details are provided, a page will be created for the business with options for adding photos and descriptions.

The users can share updates with everyone or target people by location or language. New people can be invited to 'Like' the page created and once it reaches to 25 fans, a vanity URL can be set up. Different kinds of information can be posted on the page including photos, videos, texts and the people who like the page will see the posts in their news feed.

The Facebook Admin panel has a 'Build Audience' button to invite friends to 'Like' pages, an 'Invite Email Contacts' button to upload email list of the user and send message asking them to 'Like' page. To further customize the page there are many applications in the 'Apps' directory. Some of the useful ones include apps to create polls, coupons and for showcasing YouTube videos.

Regular updating of page with useful content will help to maintain a large fan of customers within a short time. Keeping track of analytics through the 'Insights' page will help to measure the performance directly. Direct feedback from the fans will help to review what kind of postings they liked much and what they disliked most.

Once sufficient number of fans and customers are created, the business can think about Facebook's paid advertising method to explore more customers. The customers can be targeted on the basis of specific area, gender, age or any other option. As the business grows, customized modules can be developed with the help of Facebook apps developers to integrate e-commerce, appointment booking or other advanced business functions. Strict adherence to Facebook policies and principles will ensure a safe, open and transparent virtual medium for selling any product or service. This will earn reputation and mutual trust within a short period of time.

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