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Facebook marketing for your network marketing business can be frustrating if you're not doing it in the right way. You can spend countless hours adding friends, only to have a big friends list and NO sales. You can post endless links and STILL have absolutely no leads, no sales, and no income. So, what sets apart the Facebook marketing masters from the Facebook marketing failures?

It all comes back to VALUE.

If you're constantly sending out posts that say, "Check out my business" and "My company's products are the best!" and "My company's comp plan is better than yours!" … you're just spending your time. Let's be honest here. All of those messages are sent out of pure selfishness. Everything is about YOUR message and what YOU want. This is NOT going to get you a following of people, much less a couple of leads from your efforts.

What you need to do is ATTRACT people to your business. How can you do this? It's called Attraction Marketing, or what I also call "Value Marketing". It's a simple concept. What you need to do is first learn a new skill. This could be a marketing skill, or you might have just learned something interesting from listening to another training. You may have listened to a personal development CD and gained some knowledge on leadership or communication.

So, in order to start this process you first need to add value to YOURSELF.

Now, make a video, write an article or blog, or post a note about what you learned. Share what you've learned with your friends and in the community groups. Keep making them consistently. Encourage others to interact and give feedback to you on what you've posted. Build relationships with those people.

When people see that you know something that they do not, you become valuable in their eyes. And the natural human response when you do something for them for NOTHING, is to do something for you … They become ATTRACTED to you, your vision, your knowledge. So what do they do? Go to your website and get more info on you! Maybe they opt in to your list!

When you implement attraction marketing / value marketing into your Facebook marketing, you become the expert. You attract a following of people, create tons of leads, and profit beyond belief!

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