Facebook Marketing – How to Avoid Getting Your Profile Deleted

Facebook Marketing – How to Avoid Getting Your Profile Deleted

A few years ago, some guy is called Tom (who thinks he's my friend) created Myspace. Shortly after, another guy named Mark created Facebook. These social networking sites are a gold mine for those networking with other people. However, if you are not marketing on Facebook the RIGHT WAY – you risk getting your profile deleted or worse. Here's how to be effective in your Facebook marketing without getting the boot!

First things first. When you create your profile, upload a picture. Yea, a picture of YOU … not someone else. And make sure it's not the shot of you chugging your favorite 12 oz. beverage. In order to professionally market yourself, you need to look the part!

Next thing – and probably the most important after getting your profile setup – no matter what you do, do NOT add hundreds of friends everyday to your account! This is just like spamming. Facebook will delete your account. And besides … no one likes spam, and it just does not work in the social networking environment. So just do not do it!

The key here is that social networking is about relationships. Just add a few friends per day to your account, but when you do … INTERACT WITH THEM! And what I mean by that is, do not start pitching them your business opportunity or product / service. Get to know them! If there's something going on in their life where they could use a tip or 2 … give it to them! Share with them your resources. Teach them.

The most effective way to do Facebook marketing is to build relationships with people, not try and close them on your business concepts. Help them, and build a level of trust with them, and then your ideas will be more accepted by them.

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