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Do you realize what is sitting right in front of your face with Social Media? Facebook isn’t merely a social media website. Facebook represents a huge phenomenon– a shift in the way we communicate. You better believe that it’s not a fad and it is the number 2 most visited website in the world. This is important because money is generated wherever communication is being developed between people. And major communication is happening on Facebook.

Now to better understand this concept: the money is where major communication is developing, think about this. Think print, think telegraph, think telephone, think radio, think television, think internet. Each new advancement in media brought new money to businesses. Businesses using new media made way more money, quicker and faster with each new developing media. You may have a great exponential compensation plan, the question is this- Are you using a Facebook marketing strategy to generate free leads and achieve exponential growth for your MLM success?

Why Will Facebook Marketing Ideas Work For Your MLM Business?

  1. You don’t have to be an expert or marketing guru to market your network marketing business online.
  2. You can get results in 30 minutes or less
  3. Even if you are computer challenged you can market on Facebook.
  4. It’s Free

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Facebook Marketing

  1. Do Not Spam People. People will be turned off if you harass them. Facebook is a Social Networking Site. Socialize, connect and get to know people.
  2. Do not excessively blast and post your “business opportunity” on your wall or anywhere else. It makes you look desperate and you’re only giving people the opportunity to know your company– not you.
  3. Do not pitch your business on first contact. As soon as you see an attractive person you’re interested in, you don’t ask will you marry me? You make small talk, connect, fact find and so on.
  4. Do not excessively post on people’s walls or group walls. Facebook will see this as spam and abuse and will block you from posting for several hours. If you continue to do this often, your account may be terminated.

Do’s of Facebook

  1. Effective profile setup. Set up your profile with the right information about yourself and your unique selling proposition.
  2. Use a professional profile picture. Since you’re a professional marketer, make sure your picture represents MLM success.
  3. Attract like minded people. One of the best ways to attract new friends is to find a group of like minded people.
  4. Communicate effectively when requesting friends and accepting friends. As soon as you get a new friend connect, find out if they have anything you can help them with. Always add value first.
  5. Create your own group. Creating your own group gives you a platform to have unlimited friends, send mass email, do more promotions, and offer more value.

This Facebook Marketing strategy positions you to be a MLM market smart pro by connecting, building relationships, and generating free leads. You deserve to learn How to Generate 30 Free Leads a day on Facebook and turn them into paying distributors.

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