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Can you make money with affiliate marketing using Facebook? The answer is a definite, Yes and No. I'm going to show you how you can leverage the traffic on one of the most popular sites on the planet to make even more money as an affiliate marketer, without too much effort.

Can you make money with affiliate marketing using Facebook? The answer is a definite, Yes and No.

Yes, you can increase your affiliate sales by creating a Facebook page to promote yourself and your message to the market. Facebook is a great way to increase traffic to your site, and to engage your market in an ongoing discussion. By creating this ongoing conversation, you are able to successfully bring people into your affiliate sales offers, through your affiliate sites, and many times bringing them back as repeat customers.

No, you can not, by the terms of service of Facebook, directly link to an affiliate offer. This is actually a good thing. If everyone could create sales pages on Facebook, then quickly it would become just another site filled with spam, and would quickly lose the favor of our audience. Facebook should be used to create relationships.

By using Facebook to create relationships with your market, you increase the level of their trust in you, and in the affiliate products you recommend. Increased trust leads to much higher sales conversions, and of course more money in your pocket.

Making money with affiliate sales can be done in two ways, consistently finding new customers, or by creating relationships with your market, and having continuing sales from the same people. Both methods work, but to have a long term sustainable business, I recommend you work toward creating relationships with your market. It is much easier to sell a new offer to someone who knows you, and has been happy with a previous purchase, than to sell to a completely new person.

Facebook offers us a great opportunity to create those relationships within our market. With more people regularly logging into Facebook than the entire population of the United States, you can be assured your target market is on Facebook. One word of warning, do not use Facebook to just send sales offers to your friends, you need to share good information or they will quickly ignore you.

One other opportunity for an affiliate marketer exists on Facebook. You can place advertisements on Facebook for either a cost per click or per impression. You would want to make sure you know your product is converting extremely well before you attempted this. It would be a quick way to spend a lot of money with not much return on investment, if your offers do not convert at a good percentage. I would only consider this for a product I can target to a very narrow demographic, and that has a high payout.

My preferred use of Facebook is using it just as it is intended, to create long term relationships and friendships. You may not want to create a Facebook page for every tiny affiliate market you enter, but if you have a larger market you work in, such as Health, Relationships, or even Knitting, then creating a Facebook page to communicate with your market is a great way to expand your affiliate money making.

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