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Facebook Marketing – How to Use Facebook Effectively to Dominate Your MLM Company

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In: Social Media

Facebook is by far the greatest social media site and is continuing to grow like wild-fire. Facebook is not just another social media site, it is a great phenomenon which is shifting the way we communicate. Facebook is the number two most visited site on the planet. Money is made where communication is developed and Facebook is the number one place to do so. I'm going to give you some Facebook tips that you could use to generate 20-30 leads per day. Facebook is free, so if you do not have an account go set up your profile right away.

First of all you need to get this straight, if you are going to market on Facebook or any other social media platform, then use it to build relationships and to NEVER spam your opportunity. Spamming will get you banned and it will also put off the leaders that you should be looking to recruit.

Why is Facebook A Great Marketing Tool?

* It is 100% free to use
* You do not have to have much knowledge to market
* You do not have to be computer savvy.

You can use this great tool to build friendships with people in the network marketing industry. Once you build a relationship with somebody, they will keep an eye on you and might even become involved in your opportunity. The truth is, people do business with people they trust. This business is based on relationships.

Leveraging Attraction Marketing will make you able to dominate any MLM company, make prospecting very easy for you and also increase your retention rate by 100% +. This type of marketing if very exciting and also very powerful.

Some Facebook Marketing Do's and Don'ts


* Complete your profile, make yourself stand out from the rest. Put in the right information and write about your unique selling proposition.
* Communicate with like-minded people, always look and read their profiles and see what you can help them with. Be sure to give them VALUE.
* Use a good picture, do not put up a picture that makes you look like a retard, and also only put a picture of yourself.
* Find network marketing groups and attract like-minded people.


* Do not pitch your business opportunity everywhere, on first contact make sure to give value.
* Do not Spam on Facebook . It is a communication tool to make friends so do that, connect with people and get to know them.

If use these tactics effectively and use it consistently then you will get a steady amount of leads for your business.