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Have you ever wondered how people get numerous likes on their Facebook pages almost overnight? How is it that they are able to attract and convince people they do not know to follow or like their Facebook pages? Celebrities have mastered the art of using the social media like Facebook to draw a huge following of people to the tune of millions in order to market their brands. You have seen the likes of Eminem, Lady Gaga, Rihanna all with Facebook pages that have combined fan base of 160 million users. That is 12.8% of all Facebook users worldwide. Facebook has 800 million active users.

The objective is not to surpass that record or maybe come a distant fourth, but to show you how you can use the social media to attract a sizeable crowd online that will boost your online brand awareness, raise your online credibility which in turn will boost your online sales. Advertising is seen as an intrusion by your target audience and they will respond by either ignoring the advert by clicking the exit button or focusing their attention on something else until the advert is done. How can we seek the attention of our audience without looking as though we are imposing, intruding or offending them by wasting their time?

It is of great value to note that people are not on Facebook to look at advertisements they are there to socialize with friends, family or acquaintances. It's for this reason that organizations that promote worthy causes for example "Support our army forces" can garner a huge following little investment put up. People like to feel that they have contributed to a worthy cause that has made the life of his / her neighbor better. What if your brand is not cause based? Do not get discouraged there is still hope for you. The way to achieve this awareness through Facebook is first by incorporating your online audience. Brands that involve their audience participation always outperform other brands on the social media. You can involve your audience by setting up an online competition and have them post funny pictures and the winner will get a free item you are promoting. This competition can be daily or weekly for a set period of time.

Secondly, always update your page to keep it fresh, inviting and captivating. Information is what drives the world. Always post new content that will interest your readers to keep them coming back for more.

Thirdly, brands that give back to their audience or fans will always attract a huge following of people. It's like the bible verse that says "Give and it will come back to you". This is the unifying factor because human beasts are the same despite nationality, gender, race, ethnicity, age. All people have the need to be loved and accepted and a company that plays to these emotions will always receive the same gesture back from their audience.

Lastly, you can do the math because increased brand awareness will automatically mean more people will be talking about your brand and this will purposely boost your online sales.

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