Facebook Marketing – How to Use Social Media to Grow a Thriving Home Based Business

Facebook Marketing – How to Use Social Media to Grow a Thriving Home Based Business

By now, everyone – who knows any home based business ideas at all – wants to grow their business through Facebook marketing. It’s a tremendous asset for entrepreneurs who want an effective, low-cost method to build a thriving business.

It works for practically any type of business – network marketing, bricks and mortar, etc. Because of its viral nature, your business can be thriving quicker than you think. No website has ever grown this large, this fast. It’s a phenomenon which has to be utilized.

Facebook is not just for youngsters, either. In fact, baby boomers and seniors have taken to all forms of social media in numbers that were difficult to predict. Virtually all of my friends are on Facebook.

With about one billion users, everyone should want to master Facebook marketing. You can quickly establish rapport and a terrific relationship with potential clients, distributors, and business partners.

I’ll give you a few keys on how to begin with your Facebook marketing:

1. Set up a Facebook account.

2. Create a fun and compelling profile. Include the things that you want to share with others. This will foster engagement, and keep communication flowing between you and your friends.

3. Upload a photograph that you want to represent you online. This is part of branding, and you’ll want to use the same photo for all of your marketing.

Use a flattering photo and stay away from long shots – people want to see what you look like.

They want to know that you’re a real, live, flesh and blood person they can relate to. You can be a paraplegic, three hundred pounds, or have a face that can stop a clock. None of that really matters. People will follow you anywhere, anytime, if you lead with value and have solutions to their problems.

When I told my son I was going to market my business on Facebook, he asked what photo I was planning to use for my profile. He thought that my standard photo showing all of my gray hair would make me look too old. I feel young at heart, and my spirit is young, but he thought that my standard picture wouldn’t capture that.

I thought about it for a while before going with the same photo. I just think my profile picture is the authentic me, and I don’t want to try to be something I’m not. I’m a proud boomer, loving life, and living it on my own terms. If people can’t respect that, then they are not the folks I want to be in business with anyway. As far as I know, my profile photo has never hindered my business development.

4. Create a group. Groups are a quick and easy way to help your fans and followers organize around common interests, problems, and solutions.

5. Create a Fan Page. Fan pages are designed for businesses, organizations, celebrities, etc. Every business that is serious about creating a following online must create a Fan Page.

6. Start following the leaders in your industry and comment when you see interesting posts. Send out friend requests to people you want to associate with. Add a thoughtful and intriguing email to each request.

7. Post status updates that are helpful. Don’t overly promote your deal. Make your posts about 80% content and 20% or less promotion. Remember, everyone likes to buy, but no one likes to be sold.

8. Don’t spam. You will be removed from Facebook in no time flat if you do.

9. Start adding friends and liking fan pages.

10. Create an event and start generating buzz. It’s time to add the sizzle to the steak.

I know I’ve only given you a little taste of Facebook marketing, but cutting-edge training can truly catapult your business into the stratosphere.

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