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Facebook Marketing: Increase Leads, Conversion Rates and Revenue

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In: Social Media

Search Engine Optimization has been the main source of traffic for most Internet Marketers for the longest time. However, with the rise of popularity of Social Media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the Internet marketing landscape has changed significantly. Now, if you want to succeed in your lead generation efforts, and increase conversion rates and revenue, it's important to engage in Social Media Optimization to tap the full traffic generation of these social sites.

Facebook Marketing has risen in popularity around Internet marketers, and with good reason. Facebook has become the second most popular website on the Internet, second only to Google itself. Facebook has taken an all-new dimension ever since its inception, and has evolved into a marketing powerhouse for online businesses. With over 300 million subscribers worldwide, 45 million daily updates, and 8 billion minutes of combined usage of its worldwide users, it's every Internet marketers dream gold mine.

In order to become successful in Facebook Marketing, you need to be able to position yourself exclusively and be able to promote your business properly. In whatever niche you're involved in, you need to establish yourself as an expert without overselling yourself. Facebook is a social platform, and as such, an Internet marketer needs to be socially engaged with their contacts or friends in their network, and apply the right amount of persuasion to promote their business. Pushing too much can cause major problems with your marketing efforts.

First, you need to create an interesting Facebook profile. Complete all the necessary details such as the schools you went to, your interests, anything that help other subscribers relate to you. Also, fill in your websites and blogs in your profile so that anyone viewing your profile gets to know you better. Then you can go ahead and add friends. It is recommended to add 10 friends a day; going beyond that could have resulted in a suspension of your account by Facebook administrators.

Be socially engaged with your contacts through likes and comments. When you share meaningful comments on your friend's status and updates, this would result in a lot more exposure because these appear on your friend's wall and is visible to all their friends. This would help get more traffic to your page. You can also share photo albums or videos to let people get to know more about you, especially your business. These can all add up and contribute to more traffic and increased lead generation. You can also join groups related to your niche, or you can create your own.

Facebook also has some great features that any Internet marketer needs to use to their advantage. Using Facebook Events to promote an activity, and posting a friend's wall to promote your content can positively affect your online business. Just make sure to do this in moderation because this can be seen as spamming by some and you could be reported and get banned.

Facebook marketing is becoming one of the best ways to promote an online business. Just make sure that you are properly implementing proven Social Media Optimization strategies, and your traffic will skyrocket, producing more leads and higher conversion rates and revenue.