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Facebook is working hard to be the internet gathering place for social butterflies. Started in 2006, the social networking site has become one of the most visited websites on the internet. Therefore, Facebook marketing should be a part of any internet marketing strategy you develop.

To get started with Facebook marketing you want to, of course, register for an account. Then it is a good idea to integrate that account with your blog if you have one. If you use WordPress to power your website, here are five tools you can use to integrate Facebook with your WordPress blog.

Add Your Blog to Facebook – The social networking site has an application that allows you to plug the RSS feed of your blog into your Facebook profile. Whenever you post an article to your WordPress blog, it will show up on your profile. It’s Facebook marketing made easy.

To enable this application, log into Facebook and click on Account. Select Application Settings and then click on Notes. On the right hand side there will be a box asking if you want to import a blog. Click on the link available. Add your RSS feed and click Save. Your posts will not be posted onto Facebook.

Facebook Fan Box Plugin – If you created a fan page on Facebook as a part of your Facebook marketing strategy, then you can integrate it into your WordPress blog. The Facebook Fan Box plugin will display a box on your blog showing the recent updates made on your pages as well as the fans that joined your page. This is great for encouraging visitors to become fans on Facebook.

WordPress Facebook Connect – This WordPress plugin adds Facebook functionality to your WordPress blog. Visitors can sign in to comment on your blog with their Facebook account. The comments they leave will show up in the newsfeed and their Facebook profile pics will be used as their avatars. This is a great Facebook marketing plugin because it encourages the growth of a community around your blog.

Facebook Posted Items – This WordPress plugin will display a list of items you have posted to Facebook. If you are surfing the net and you find a website of interest, you can a post a link to it onto your Facebook profile. That same link will show up on a list on your blog so visitors can see what you’ve been up to online.

Facebook Live Stream – This is a Facebook Plugin that is best used when you have a live event happening online. This plugin lets users share comments and their activity on Facebook in real time. It’s a virtual equivalent of meeting everyone at the coffee shop to watch a favorite television show and commenting on what’s happening.

Engaging in Facebook marketing will boost your business brand and capture the attention of your target market. Use these tools to build a community around your blog and you’ll be rewarded with a loyal audience who spreads your marketing message around.

Coastal Media Brand