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There are several interesting Facebook facts doing the rounds. One of the most intriguing statistics is that on an average, users spend around 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month! The popularity of Facebook has made it the most prominent social networking site in the world. Naturally, this particular platform has become the center of focus for social media marketing initiatives. With more than 500 million active users on board, this one clearly emerges as one of the most implemented platforms for ensuring maximum exposure for your products, services or ideas.

Facebook marketing tips can come in handy while chalking out a plan for a social media initiative on this platform. For instance, there are several means that you can use to launch your Facebook marketing drive. You could have a separate account and even create a page dedicated to your business idea, so that you can tap the target segment suitably. However, apart from targeting external customers, some internal promotion strategies can also help create a big difference. However, you should know how to execute them well, such that you make the most of the completed network of friends you might have established over time.

Facebook Marketing: Executing Strategies for Internal Promotions

Internal promotions can prove to be crucial to the success of your Facebook marketing strategy. Some of the effective means of successful execution of such strategies include:

* Widen your Network: Try and add people who are likely to be your potential customers or people who are associated with your business venture even in the remotest way to your list of friends and associations. The latest Skype integration feature of Facebook allows you to import your Skype contacts as well. Once the number is sizeable, you can use the "share" or "suggest to friends" button and share your page with them.

* Use the Search Tool: Use the Facebook search tool wisely to execute Facebook marketing strategies referring to internal promotions. Use it to track down events, initiatives, pages and messages that are relevant to your business. If there is mention of your brand anywhere, providing some additional information is a great idea. This will draw in prospect customers and clients.

* Use the Forums Well: Once you are aware of the events, forums and initiatives, Facebook marketing strategies could focus on promoting your products or ideas directly through them. You can also access the contacts of relevant co-members and add them to your friends list to widen the scope of your personal network.