Facebook Marketing – Relationship Marketing Do’s a…

Facebook Marketing – Relationship Marketing Do’s a…

If you're in the direct marketing or network marketing industry, you deserve to take advantage of the many connections you can benefit from by using a Facebook Marketing Strategy. Facebook has changed the way we communicate forever. Where there used to be 6 degrees of separation, there is now one or less! If you're focused on customer relationship marketing you deserve to be where major communication is developing and where there's major communication, there's a major money to be made. The Facebook marketing ideas below will empower you to use social media to get results in your direct sales business.

Think back to all the past inventions of communication and you'll see how it affected transaction marketing. From the telegraph, the telephone, radio, television, email, to the internet, all of these new innovations in media created new money for businesses. Thousand of businesses that did not exist were also created from these various types of media and integrated marketing strategies. Each new media was a faster way to communicate which also means people made money faster also.

Anyone Can Use Facebook Marketing Ideas In Direct Sales or Network Marketing

  1. No expertise is needed- a newbie can do it.
  2. Takes no time- 30 minutes a day.
  3. It's Free!

The Do's And Don'ts Of Facebook Marketing

  1. Do not Ever Spam People. Do not Pitch your "business opportunity" on your wall or anywhere else all the time. This makes you look desperate.
  2. Do not Sale your business on first contact.
  3. Do not excessively post on people's walls or group walls. Facebook will temporarily block you from posting for spam abuse. Your account could be terminated.

Do's of Facebook Marketing

  1. Effective profile setup. To be successful in relationship marketing, always state your unique selling proposition.
  2. Profile picture should represent you as a professional.
  3. Connect with people. Search groups and connect with like minded people.
  4. Request friends and accept friends with a nice welcome message. Give them value before you pitch.
  5. Make up a group of your own. This is the best way to give more valuable information and make more valuable connections.