Facebook Marketing – Should Your Business Buy Into Soc…

Facebook Marketing – Should Your Business Buy Into Soc…

In 2008, Facebook hosted the presidential debts along with Charles Gibson. This launched Facebook into the powerhouse realm of online marketing, and many businesses are turning to this social networking site as a primary source for advertising. That being said, how do you know if Facebook marketing with social ads is the right turns for your business? Below are some facts that can help you determine whether to launch your Facebook marketing campaign with social ads.

User-generated content
Solely its users generate Facebook content. Thus, it has taken on the characteristics of said users. Facebook demographics typically fall between the ages of 18 through 30, although an older audience has taken the plunge and began setting up pages of their own.

Essentially Facebook allows its users to share and relive events that take place. Content consists of personal stories, opinions, and tons of photos related to the lives of users. Taking this into consideration, if you show up to the world of Facebook, you better have something good to offer your audience. Facebook is an extension of the "wired generations" means to communicate. If you can not effectively connect with the predominant demographic, then you ad will just be a waste of space on someone's page.

Selective marketing through Facebook
Facebook offers an advanced targeting method that allows you to reach out to your exact target marketing. Through pay-per-click advertising, every penny you spend goes directly towards targeting the market most interest in what you have to offer. How does this work? Facebook users spill a ton of personal information. This data is compiled for target marketing. Posting content, joining groups, adding fan pages, and other key factors all determine what you target with Facebook ads.

For instance, if you sell snowboarding equipment in Steamboat, Colorado, your target audience may be Colorado residence between the ages of 24-35 who snowboard. They are all on Facebook. So, placing an ad for "Join Colorado's Largest Community of Snowboarders", you bet they're going to find you.

Do-it-yourself advertising
You do not have to hire some big marketing firm to get your ad on Facebook. Create your Facebook ad in an easy step-by-step guide on the website. Write a target message and link your ad to either a business website or your business Facebook page, group, or fan page. It also helps to upload a photo appropriate for your product or service.

Remember that Facebook ads are pay-per-click. This means that you bid on keywords relevant to your business in an auction. Go for keywords that are not as popular and you will gain a better chance of winning your bid for a lesser amount. For example, if you run a weight loss clinic, instead of bidding on weight loss, which is extremely popular, aim for weight loss from hips instead.

Facebook marketing has no set costs for advertising campaigns. Make sure you set up a budget and estimate the cost as you create an ad. Once you enter your target criteria and finish step 4 of the ad creation, Facebook will provide you a "bid estimation" of the bid ranges currently winning the auction of similar ads.

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