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Facebook tops Google in web traffic!

That is what many news sites like CNN are reporting these days. Regardless of your views on Facebook and social media it is changing the way we communicate on the internet and that means it is influencing and changing the way we do business on the internet.

Unlike most of the so called internet marketers out there jumping from one hot trend to the next, small business owners care much more about return on investment. Business owners want a result from the money they invest and this is especially important when it comes to marketing methods and strategies.

Although social media has grabbed a lot of attention in the news and media recently, many small business owners have been left to adapt waiting for more concrete ways to monetize it.

If you are one of those small business owners waiting to see where all this social media stuff goes and if it is worth jumping on board, well the time to move is NOW.

Facebook that social networking site your children or employees are on all the time is creating big waves in on the internet and is changing the way we communicate.

For years Google has held an almost monopoly like hold on the world wide web, until now, Facebook for the first time in March 2010 received more visitors to their site than Google in the US, and today Facebook has over 500 Million users of which half login Facebook every single day.

Facebook is the world's largest free audience; however this is only one part of why Facebook is so attractive for businesses and marketers. Facebook by nature is viral, what I mean by this is that Facebook spreads your content like a virus, sharing it with your friends and your friends of friends and so on.

This allows you to get your message or content out to thousands of people with a personal recommendations very fast and with not much work on your part, if it is done correctly.

We all know word or mouth advertising is one of the most powerful marketing tools in existents, with Facebook, it is like placing a rocket in your marketing message.

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