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Facebook marketing strategies as I mentioned in part 1, are very easy to implement once you know what you are doing, but using Facebook ads is much different than other PPC advertising. Using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your Facebook page or group is one of the fastest ways to build a marketing list of thousands.

I explained the importance of selecting the right image and text to place on your ad, but the most crucial step is setting your targeting correctly. First you need to select the country you want to target, and this will be based on what you are marketing and its relevance to a specific country, or language. As a rule of thumb I would suggest starting off by selecting USA.

Demographics: This is the where you have to do some research regarding the niche your Facebook page is based around. What you need to do is, type in to Google your product title or niche title for your page. Then find other sites that are specific for the niche or product that you are promoting. Once you have 1 – 5 sites copy the URL of each one in turn and go to is a site where you can enter a URL and it will give you information for the traffic that visits that URL. Quantcast also gives demographics of that sites traffic such as age and gender. Once you have tested each of the URL's at Quantcast you should now have a very good idea of ​​the age range and gender that your product or service will be more specific to.

You take your information and then enter it in to the demographic section of the Facebook ad you are creating. Stick to the age range and gender that wave the highest results on Quantcast. So if the research showed that it was females aged 25-35, this is the information you put into the ad demographics section.

Likes & Interests: Here you need to type in what sort of likes your target group may be interested in. To start with try typing in your niche. If this gives you a target number of millions of people try narrowing it down a bit. So if your niche was Internet marketing try narrowing it down by trying something like, affiliate marketing. Just use your common sense, but do not add lots of different interests, you only want to have one or two, or three at most.

Connections : In this section just choose "anyone"

Advanced demographics: This is where you need to think about your targeted market. If your market age is 20 – 30 years old then I would suggest selecting "all", but if the age range was 18 – 25 you could be looking to choose single or in a relationship. As for "interested in" selection, just use your common sense. If your research showed you that your target market is female, on the whole most of those would be interested in men.

Education you can leave as "all" and place of work is only used if you are targeting a work based product to do with a certain company.

Campaign Budget : To start with you need to set your budget at $ 20, but you will be able to see how your ad is responding within the first 6-12 hours. If it is responding poorly you can stop the ad and try another ad campaign.

Pricing: Always choose Pay for Impressions, because you are then paying for each thousand clicks on your ad. Once you have selected that you will see a Max Bid figure appear, and alongside that will be a suggested bid, and this will give you price range you need to bid. Choose the lowest figure of the 2 figures given and then increase it by 2 cents. So if the lower bid figure is 21cents, you make your bid 23cents.

In part 3 of Facebook marketing strategies I will explain what happens once you have set up your ad and placed your order for your ad to run. So make sure you read part 3 of this Facebook marketing strategies.

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