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Facebook marketing strategies are very different to other marketing strategies you may have used in the past. Marketing on Facebook is a valuable tool that you need to learn how to use as part of your internet marketing strategy. One way to maximize your potential success in social marketing is the Facebook ads.

Unlike other PPC ads, with Facebook you are using the ad to send people to your Facebook page or group. In the past you would have used a PPC ad to send traffic direct to a landing page or sales page, but with social marketing on Facebook it is a whole different process.

Setting up and ad is very simple on Facebook as long as you know what you are doing and you research your target market. Once you have set up a page you will see a link on the left hand side of your page saying "promote with an advert" just click on the link and it will open the create a ad page.

Section 1: In the destination window you need to select, or place the URL to the page you are advertising. You then put the title of your page and the main body of your ad. When creating the body of your ad you need to keep it to 3 lines of text at the most. Remember, you are not trying to sell anything at this stage, all you want the ad to do is to get people to click on the like tab on your page.

The next step is to select your image or picture to go on your ad. The image you choose is very important as it needs to stand out and catch people's eye. On Facebook the ads appear on the far right of Facebook pages so you need something that attractions attention. One way I have found useful when selecting the image you are going to use is, download a number of images that you think will work for your ad and put them in a folder. Open the folder and just glanze through them and see which image stands out.

Section 2: Targeting who you want your ad to be shown to is the most crucial step and therefore needs to be done carefully. As you are setting up your targeting criteria you will see how large that targeted audience could be. On the right of the page a figure will show each time time you add or change part of your targeting selection. Do not fall in to the trap of thinking that the larger the audience is, the better your ad will do, as the opposite is the case here.

You have to concentrate on targeting unique groups of people that will respond better to your ad. So targeting say 100,000 possible people can be far more productive than targeting a million people. The more targeted you can get your ad the better. Using Facebook marketing strategies is a very powerful internet marketing tool, and the process of setting up your ad targeting is so critical that I will go in to it in great detail in the next article.