Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies

Facebook Marketing Tips and Strategies

Facebook marketing has become very popular due to the power of Facebook, but if you do not follow the correct Facebook marketing tips and strategies you will waste your money. Marketing on Facebook is completely different to any kind of internet marketing you may have done in the past. Getting it wrong will cost you both in time, effort, and money.


The most important point to remember is that the reason people are on Facebook is to socialise. They are not on there to buy things. If you try the direct or hard sell to Facebook members you will fail. The best way to start is to set up a page on Facebook and invite people to like your page. One of the easiest ways to get a large number of likes is to set up a page on a celebrity that is hot right now.

You then to post videos and pictures of the celeb you have chosen on to your page. Start to create a page where others that like your page want to be part of what you are doing. Encourage them to leave comments, post questions about the celeb the page is abut and get ask fans to leave their thoughts and answers.

Remember Facebook is a social platform where people go to socialise, so make it enjoyable for them to visit your page.


So why do we want people to click on the like tab of our page? Although you can not post message direct to the people that like your page like you can with a Facebook group. Whenever you post new content to your page, everyone that liked your page will see your update, it will appear on their news wall.

So if you have 20,000 people who liked your page that means that every time you make a post on that page it reaches 20,000 people!

Facebook Adds

You can easily get 20,000 likes by using Facebook ads to get the word out about your page. Facebook ads are very different to PPC with adwords. You can target more defined sections of people much easier. When using a ad on Facebook the most important part of it is the picture or graphic you use on the ad. You need to choose a image that catches the eye to attract peoples to look at your ad and click on it.

People are more likely to click an ad asking them if they like a certain celeb or star, because they will see that you are not trying to sell them something. To have some success with the ad you need to target your potential audience, so you need to use a site such as to get the demographics of the people that may like your celeb.

Making Money

Once you have built up a following for your page you can then think about making some money from it. The reason why people spend a lot of time on Facebook is because they feel safe using it. Another site that people feel safe using is Amazon, so using Amazon Associates is a great way to sell to visitors of your page. With Amazon associates it allows you to earn commission on things such as DVD's, Music cd's as well as downloads of music tracks.

All I have covered here is a few tips and to help you with your marketing on Facebook, but there is a lot more you need to know to get it right. If you try to implement some of the selling tactics used in internet marketing you will find that you will not have very much success. This new form of marketing is all based on having a social relationship with people who like your pages.

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