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Are you the next internet marketing rock star? Can you imagine generating a six figure salary in just 10 days? It has been done and it is easy to do. Start by trying the following Facebook marketing techniques and watch your business grow. These techniques are meant to grow your fan base so that you will have a captive audience to creatively market your products to.

The first thing that you need to do is get a Facebook fan page. Sure there are probably hundreds of people who use their personal page to do business but Facebook frowns on that. Facebook could shut you down for doing business on one of their pages that is not specifically designed for business use.

When you create your business page make sure that you choose to use the vanity URL. If you don’t use the vanity URL your URL will include a bunch of numbers where you would want your chosen name to appear. You can set up your vanity URL in the page settings.

Upload a really good picture to your page. When choosing a picture of yourself to use on your page make sure it is the same picture that you use on all of your social media sites and on your blog. If you don’t want to use the exact same picture make sure that you are at least wearing the same shirt or blouse. This is very instrumental in establishing your personal brand.

Don’t name your page your network marketing company because you never know what is going to happen. Besides, people are going to your page for social networking. People don’t usually sign on to be pitched. They sign on for human interaction. So make sure that you are branding yourself not your company.

Fill out the about me section. Use keywords that represent your company. The search engines actually search through the about me section for keywords.

The next thing you want to do is to develop an offer. You want to be able to attract people to signing onto your list with this offer. Remember, the money is in the list. Your offer should be a freebie that is a definite must have. Perhaps a list of 10 Facebook marketing secrets of top Facebook marketers or the daily routine of successful entrepreneurs or a contest where you give away a free iPad, etc.

Make sure that you take advantage of application tabs. This is where you will put your offers. You can link the landing page that collects the names and email address and fulfils the offer to the application tab. If you are not sure of how to set up a tab you can Google “Facebook application tab” and the search results will include plenty of tutorials.

After you develop your offer you want to get an autoresponder service so that you can follow up your list with email. Two popular autoresponder services are Get Response and Aweber. Your emails in the autoresponder series should first include a welcome email that includes an attachment of whatever was in the offer. The following messages should include daily messages that add value that is related to your niche. You are going to want to add a call to action at the end of the emails. However, you don’t want to include pitches for your product every day.

Take note that in many cases you will have to get people to be fans before they opt into your list. Once you get these fans you are going to have to engage these fans and lead them to your offer. To get more fans and likes you start by using the promote page function found on your business page. In this function you will be presented with a set amount to spend per day in exchange for a certain amount of likes per day. You can choose hundreds of likes per day. You should be able to start using this function for as little as $5 a day.

The second way to get fans is to go to the back office and create an advertisement. You then pick your fan page and select get more likes. Then you create the advertisement. It’s best to use dialogue in the text section that is not pitchy. Use dialogue that is engaging such as “My name is Carol and I enjoy helping people become successful internet marketers.” Remember at this point you are not making sales. You are building a fan base. Next you will pick a budget and choose cost per click. The two methods discussed in this paragraph has yielded one Facebook guru over 17,000 fans.

Direct people to your business page by putting an invitation in your email signature, giving an invite when you send a “thank you for the follow” on Twitter, and putting your page on business cards. Use the invite function available on your fan page to invite people over from your personal page. Don’t forget to add a like box to your website or blog.

Once you get your fans you need to engage your fans with quality content. Engaging them builds trust with them. Don’t over complicate this step. It only requires you to be yourself and talk with them. Offer them tidbits of marketing knowledge. Be real with them and talk to them like you would talk to anyone else. Ask them simple questions like how are they doing. Speak about something that’s controversial and ask them if they agree or disagree. Put up a picture and ask for the like or the share.

Visit and interact with your Facebook page every day. Consistency is a primary ingredient to a successful marketing mix.

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