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Facebook marketing is one of the coolest and newest advertising mediums around. It's a great platform, but it can be very difficult for people that are just getting started. I'm about to reveal to you one of my favorite techniques that I always use when advertising with Facebook.

Facebook can be very different than other forms of advertising the cause it's a social media site. You can not advertise with Facebook like you would do with a banner ad on the website or how you would use pay advertising with Google. The main reason for this is the mindset that people are in when they are on Facebook. People come to Facebook to network and have fun for the most part. They normally do not come to Facebook to do research or find information, but they may come to Facebook to find people.

So the first step you need to take is to put on your marketing hat and actually do some thinking about what type of individual that you want to target on Facebook. What type of groups do you believe your perfect customer is involved in? What do they like to read about? Are they male or female? Who are their friends? What kind of fan pages have they joined? Once you find the answer to all of these questions you can use your answers to target specific people on Facebook-based solely on your answers to the above questions. This can be pretty tricky but with practice you'll be able to do this in your sleep.

For people involved in HOME businesses, you may want to target people that are already fans of other HOME businesses or other experts in the HOME business field. For someone that's trying to sell their music out of, you can target people that are already interested in that type of music or that are fans of specific artists in your genre. So if you want to promote your new country CD, you can target all the people on Facebook that like country music. If you're an affiliate marketer and promotes products related to weight loss, then you can target people that are interested in losing weight. Or to take it a step further you can target new moms because a lot of them want to lose the extra pounds that come with being pregnant for nine months.

Facebook really makes this easy because when you type in specific keywords that are related to your target market they tell you exactly how many people on Facebook may be interested in that specific market. So if you type in weight loss Facebook will return a number of people that are I are interested in weight loss or are a part of some type of fan page that is related to weight loss. This can be really good information for you because it will keep you an idea of ​​how many people are specifically involved or interested in a product or service that you're trying to sell. So if you type in a specific word and it does not come up with many people which you may need to do is just wide in your search a little bit.

If you wanted to sell some type of tools for mechanics, and you see that there are not a huge number of people in groups that are interested in tools, you may want to target people that are interested in cars. Because people that are interested in cars may also be interested in tools for their cars. New mothers can also be interested in weight loss. Video game fans may also be interested in comic books.

The best idea I can give you is to play around with Facebook and learn what works for your business. But make sure you while you're doing all this to build an e-mail list as well.