Facebook Marketing Tips for Business

Many business executives recognize the value of marketing on Facebook and have taken the first step by developing a Facebook Fan Page for their business. But after the page is created, many CEO’s drop the ball and do not take full advantage of all that Facebook has to offer for their business. So, we have compiled a list of marketing tips for business owners.

Posting on Other Business Pages

Facebook Fan Pages have evolved into a place where Pages can post and update on other Pages. In “Page” mode, you can like and comment on other pages. In Page mode you can write on the profiles of your friends. Wall posts are no longer in chronological order, and we do not really have a lot of control on the posts on our Pages. The good news as a Facebook admin is that you can “view” your page in chronological order. To do this under “wall” click “admin view”. This helps you to organize your own page by viewing it in the order that is easiest to understand and manage.

As you are in “page view mode”, if the name of your fan page is not your real name, as is the case with most fan pages (they are the name of the business), it is important to add an identity to your post. If you are commenting on other fan pages, go ahead and sign off at the end of your comment with a dash and your first name. This helps to add a personal touch to your posts and improves your engagement factor.

Think about how you are coming across. Are you at your competitors’ pages because of self-serving agenda or are you there to contribute? We recommend that you do most of your networking in a business industry that is not the same as your business (a non-competitive industry). You can post on the pages of businesses that are related to yours, but not your competitors. You might get more results that way.

Prevent Spam on your Own Page

Many business owners have noticed that, at times, their competitors will spam their page. Facebook now has spam filters that you can use to curve this. In order to access and utilize Facebook spam filters, you can find this tool under “edit page” and it allows you to load keywords that are put into the spam filter so you, as the admin, can automatically filter posts. This is located in “admin view”. Comments show up in a light color which some people have said is more difficult to see, however, this tool is still very useful.

Notifications can be by email or you can turn that off by clicking “edit page”. This is helpful because as you get new fans or comments you can get notifications.

Marketing Tips

1. Photo Strip at the top of your Page.

The photos at the top of your page are the five photos that are the most recently uploaded. You can delete them by clicking the X in the right hand corner of each page.

The “Photo Strip” at the top acts like a photo viewer and the photos pop up so the viewer does not lose their place when looking at photos. Have some custom graphics made for the top 5 photos on your page. They can be 970 x 680 pixels. We recommend that you leave white space around the edges of the photos. FB will shrink them to a 97 x 68 thumbnail. Use images with a call-to-action such as “click here”, “find out more”, “get details”, or “free download”. When visitors click on that image, the image will pop up. In the description of that image, put details and a call-to-action with a link or your phone number so visitors can easily contact you.

2. Links along the left-hand section of your Page.

Reset the order of your links on the left-hand side of your Facebook Page. If you have more than 7, you will see a “more” link and from there you can drag and drop those links. Put the “landing tab” at the bottom which is usually a “welcome” where visitors land. This way when they visit your welcome page, all your links will automatically be expanded and they can see your entire list of all your links along the left-hand section of your page.

3. Take advantage of Facebook iFrames by adding interesting content.

Facebook uses iFrames and although it is a little more complex, it gives you the ability to add images, videos and opt-in boxes and a call to action. You can have a whole page designed on your own site and then post that in your iFrame within your Facebook page and make that your custom landing tab. In addition, you can take Facebook ads out and drag them specifically to landing pages and links on your Facebook page. This gives you the ability to test different promotions and offers. You can experiment and split test with your different offers on different iFrames links on your page.

4. Updates feature offers the opportunity of free advertising in valuable Facebook real-estate.

Click “edit page” “marketing”. You can send all of your fans updates. All these communications go into “other”. On the top right-hand corner of Facebook, you will see an area called “Unread Updates”. This is valuable real-estate so that if you use “updates” more frequently, you can get your fans more interested in your fan page. If you have a very active post on your wall, you can take that exact link and add that into the “updates” so that your fans will see that on the top right-hand corner of their page. By using “updates” you will have free ads for yourself and it appears on the top right-hand corner of your fans’ pages.

5. Increase visibility and engagement with Facebook News Feeds.

Studies show that Up to 90% of your fans do not return to your page after they click the “like” page. Not to worry, however, because by maximizing your visibility in Facebook News Feed, you can still be visible to your fans and engage them in order to “remind” them about your business and increase visitors to your main web site, which after all, is the next step in increasing your bottom line.

Your fans can see your content in their news feed. But the question is “how do your get your content visible in your fan’s news page?”. Facebook uses a very complex algorithm (called “edge rank”), so we don’t know exactly why some posts show up in news feeds and some do not, but we do know what can increase your visibility in your fans’ news feed.

Tips to increase your visibility in your fans’ news page include:

  • Post before noon in your time zone.
  • Post 1 to 2 times a day. Do not over post. Some companies import tweets and “over post”. This can hurt your “edge rank”, (the algorithm that Facebook uses), which can ultimately lead to your posts showing up less and less in your fans’ news feed.
  • Use questions.
  • Keep posts short and simple.
  • Be personal.
  • Use other people’s content. Include photos, videos, and links. Create your own strategies to increase your visibility in news feeds.

By utilizing these tips, you can increase visibility on Facebook and engage more fans.