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If you’ve got a small business, one way that you can create interest in your enterprise and separate yourself from the local competition is by Facebook marketing. This immense social media website can be used by small businesses to make a big impact. Here are a trio of top tips can keep you connected to a growing fan base.

There are many different tools and applications that you can incorporate to make Facebook work for you. If you have a Fan Page on this popular website, you’ll find that there are hundreds of different applications that you can use to entice fans to buy your products and services.

Here are three tips that every small business can employ when utilizing Facebook marketing and their Fan Page.

Keep it Personal

Facebook is about making and maintaining personal connections. When someone becomes a fan, you should welcome them. Also, when you post information be sure to allow people to respond to it. When they do, you should write back. You may also post messages to all of your fans, making sure that you give them a personal touch.

Although you’re connecting on a personal level with those who have subscribed to your Fan Page, you still want to keep it professional. That’s important. Be sure to fashion your messages in such as way that they are positive, sincere and helpful. Make sure those on your Fan Page know that they are important to you and they will keep coming back. That will result in more business and sales.

Create a Photo History

In creating a photo history, you’ll be utilizing some very powerful aspects of your Facebook Fan Page. First, you’ll be making strong visual statements that will be seen by everyone who comes to your page. Also, if you include customers and clients in the photo history and tag them, you’ll be developing a personal and public connection to your fans. They’ll feel important and connected to you.

Be sure to caption and tag photos. You can create albums with specific themes if you’d like. Before posting a photo of anyone, it’s a good idea to acquire their written permission to do so. This will protect you from any potential legal problems down the road.

Create a Contest

A contest, whether weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, can go a long way in keeping people involved in your Facebook Fan Page. Offer a prize of some sort associated with the contest and make it fun.

You can run a competition in which participants solve a problem, come up with a creative solution or find clues on your Fan Page that help them win. It may be trivia based or involve predicting some specific outcome.

Facebook has various guidelines, rules and restrictions concerning contests, such as a business cannot make part of the requirement of a contest that entrants “Like” your page. What the social website is trying to ensure is that a contest connected to a Facebook Fan Page is a real contest and properly conducted.

A well-run contest presented via your Facebook Fan Page can help to ensure loyalty, entice new fans to join and create a solid base that you can continue to cultivate.

Facebook Marketing

A small business can make big things happen by successfully utilizing their Fan Page. Facebook marketing is really about linking with your community members in a positive and personal manner. When you acknowledge your fans, you make them aware that they are important to you, instilling empathy and loyalty that can help your business grow in ways you had never thought possible.

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