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In: Social Media

Facebook marketing can be successful, but you need to take into consideration that Facebook is a social media platform. Use it to gain recognition and credibility in your chosen niche, but do not go overboard on the selling.

Read these top 10 tips for some great ideas:

1. Add A Like Button To Your Website

If you have a wordpress blog then you can add a plugin to your blog that places a Facebook Like button on your blog. Visitors to your blog can then click on the button button and it will show on their Facebook newsfeed and raise awareness of your blog! If you do not have a wordpress blog there are also plenty of options for adding it, just do a search on Google for Facebook Like Button and you'll find plenty of options. Facebook have their own page where you can just put in your url and they'll give you the code to copy to your website.

2. Create A Page

One of the most effective things you can do in your Facebook marketing campaign is create a business page. Unlike your profile page which has a limit of 5000 fans, if you create a Facebook Page you can have an unlimited number of fans. You can also have unlimited pages. Your page needs to be compelling, so keep it updated with valuable content. Include news in your industry, whats happening in your business, but above all make it targeted towards your visitors and make it fun and engaging for them to be there. Make sure you link your page to all your blogs and other social media accounts.

3. Put An Optin Page On Your Facebook Page.

Want to generate more leads? Put an optin tab on your Facebook Fan Page. To do this you need to use Static FBML You'll find that under apps when you're creating a page. It works exactly the same as on a website. You grab the optin code from your Autoresponder like aweber or get response, paste it into the FBML box, and you've got an instant lead capture page! You can give away videos, free ebooks or whatever you think is of value to your customers, and add them to your mailing list.

4. Keep Your Newsfeed Clean

Block anyone who is spamming. Delete any posts you do not think are appropriate for your Facebook marketing campaign. Do not use foul language and keep away from topics that could offend your readers. Just use your common sense.

5. Do not Ask For Friends Until You've Interacted With Them.

Do not just randomly send friend requests. Search for groups relevant to your niche. Then post relevant information, comment on other peoples posts or like them, then ask them to be your friend. Facebook is all about being social so keep it mind.

6. Have A Great Profile

Make your profile professional but give people information about you as a person. Ultimately, people do not buy a product unless they like the person. Have a photo of yourself taken by a professional photographer. Put links to your other websites on your profile.

7. Setup Facebook Events

When you set up an event in Facebook (very simple to do), and people respond saying they will attend, their response appears on their newsfeed and all their friends get to see it. This is an excellent Facebook marketing strategy as their friends are made aware of you without you having to friend them. What do you put in an event? Well, you could have a webinar, maybe a product price reduction for a limited time, or give away free reports for a limited time.

8. Do not Be A Spammer

This is the best way to blow away any credibility you have and is NOT Facebook marketing. Do not try and sell to people unless you've built a relationship with them first by providing value. One of the worst things you can do is randomly tag people in videos or photos that they do not even appear in. Just do not do it.

9. Import Your Email Contacts

Yes, Facebook lets you import your email contacts into Facebook from most of the major mail clients like gmail, yahoo etc. When you import them, if the person is active on Facebook they will receive a friend request. They're your contacts and customers so a perfectly legitimate way to get friends.

10. Place A Facebook Ad That Very Few People Will Click On.

Huh? Whats the point in doing that? Well, if you put your picture on it, and target the right people it's going to build awareness of you on Facebook. Have you ever noticed how some ads seem to follow you around where you go.? That's the effect you want here. Be warned: There's no way of telling if it will be popular or not, so make sure you set a low daily budget!

There's a ton of other tips and tricks you can use in your Facebook Marketing. Above all, make sure you're always within Facebook guidelines. The last thing you want to happen is have your account banned after all the hard work and effort you've put in!