Facebook Me

Facebook Me

With so many social networks Facebook, MySpace, twitter etc life and virtual reality have fused in to one, and that goes for dating as well. I have heard someone say before "well I would of found out if she was cheating on me anyway either from Facebook or MySpace." It's true peoples Internet pages do reflect their personalities, lives, and the kinds of people they deal with.

I was dating a guy a few years ago who female friends were shady toward me. I was just convinced his one friend had it out for me and was jealous I was with him. She sent me a friend request not to befriend me but to snoop through my page then would tell my guy that I was seeing other men, which was not the case. When that did not work sure enough one day I logged on Facebook to see she had up a whole new album of them together with her sitting on his lap in numerous pictures. Needless to say I dumped him and blocked them both. People who are shady online are shady in real life and after dealing, seeing, and knowing these types personally I am able to spot these culprits in one scroll. Here are some indicators that will help you weed out the creeps.

1) You meet him exchange numbers he does not call but finds you on the Internet sends you a friend request. The guy is a weirdo who does not want to talk to you but wants to scroll through all your pictures and friends instead. Keep it moving.

2) He does not have a relationship status up – this is a tricky one, a lot of players do this because they're never in committed relationships or never want to admit to it. But private people do this as well. If you're later in a serious relationship with this guy and he still does not have one up. Be wary he may just be keeping his options open.

3) This guy is your boyfriend and still has single up on his relations status. If you want you can casually mention it to him. If he still does not change it your status should be single very soon if you know what I mean.

4) If you stumble across recent shady pictures of your boyfriend with other girls Run! Not only is he player, he's broadcasting his lack of respect for you to the whole world.

5) His ex girlfriend is cyber stalking him, or if he still has a lot of memorabilia with his ex girlfriend up, he is still involved with his ex girlfriend. Run before she starts cyber stalking you, or you end up in a chic fight.

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