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Many are looking for Facebook network marketing ideas to find prospects for their opportunity. There are socially acceptable ways and there are the not so socially acceptable ways to go about it. Many people are making the mistake of a longer time consuming consuming strategy. They are not aggressive. Others are too aggressive. I will share with you a strategy that works much better.

First, do not make the mistake of directly advertising on a social marketing sight like Facebook or MySpace when people come there to socialize. People go to these sites for dating, relationships and networking, not reading about your opportunity!

Marketing that way reminds me of a time when my wife and I were dating. She did the funniest thing when we were wrestling around in the kitchen, and it only worked against her. She tried to karate kick me and I grabbed her leg. She then proceeded to lift the other leg off of the floor to kick me! Guess what? She barely realized that she had lifted both legs off the floor before she came crashing down!

When you approach people on a social networking site with your links and product in hand you are doing just the same. It will come crashing down my friend!

Winning network marketing leads on Facebook without crashing:

1. Choose friends that are net-workers. You decide those you want to work with so make choices and create folders that will allow you to better manage your relationships. By choosing these types of friends you are ensuring that you have better rates because these friends are targeted.
2. Lead with benefits. Do not approach people asking them to join your company or try your product. Instead try giving something to them. I often give them a resource that is selfless such as a pdf file that could help with time management or something that I think they'd like based on what I read in their profile.
3. Put your links on your profile. Also make sure you post your links on walls and in groups in a socially acceptable way. This is a skill that is more times done incorrectly than correctly, but it is absolutely necessary if you are going to take the short cut and have an average amount of opt-in leads.

You can create genuine relationships with the most targeted prospects on the front end and make opting in a quick process. Many are waiting for their friends to discover that they are in a particular business instead. This is not necessary.

Several people have Facebook network marketing ideas for lead generation but have just approached it from the wrong perspective and are getting low results. Simply become aggressive at adding value to people instead of aggressive at promoting your links. You will find that it pays in the short run as well as the long!

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