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Facebook PPC Marketing is growing fast. Recently, Facebook has begun offering Pay Per Click advertising. The jury is still out as to whether or not the heads is a top model PPC. Many marketers have actually concluded that it is. Others say it is a failure. Personally I do not want to rush to any judgment. There is no doubt the fact that Google PPC campaign currently holds all the aces. But we should not be quick in concluding that this will always be so.

The good thing about Facebook PPC Marketing is that it comes cheap-at 5 cents per click. Which means you can at least give it a try, and then reach your own judgment.

To help you try things out, I offer the following suggestions:

Usually it is not advisable to start your social media networking with solicitations for business patronage-Facebook or any other one. Even if that's your ultimate goal, it should be gradually introduction way down the road.

Your first focus should be to build a solid base of followers-friends and fans. Next, build separate Facebook pages for the products or services you plan on marketing. It also helps if you try to join Facebook groups with interests identified with your niche area. Even then, try to create a fairly unique group, based on what you perceive to be the shortcomings of the other groups. Your aim should be to fill a need not already catered for by an existing forum.

It is only after you have taken those initial (and essential) steps that you can decide to venture into Pay per Click advertising with your Facebook account. Start by driving as much traffic as possible to the Facebook landing pages you earlier created for your products. Fortunately it is easier to do this with Facebook than with your conventional website or blog. And at only 5 cents per click, the budget is also pocket-friendly, allowing you to experiment. But I still recommend a $ 5 dollar daily budget for each of your campaigns.

But ensure you clearly define your demographics. You do not want to wipe off your lean budget with untargeted traffic. So target the right market, and direct them to the right landing page.

One more thing: Facebook has rules governing their PPC adverts which are very different from what you know about Google PPC. So do not just assume that you already know the rules governing PPC. Get familiar with their terms and conditions, and follow them. Or else your account will be blocked without prior notice.

Also, pay close attention to your advert campaigns once they are set up. Do not start with high budgets. Remember that traffic sometimes come very fast such that within a very short time your set budget could be wiped out. That is something you do not want to risk when you are still test-running things. Stay close to your computer at this stage, and make the budget low, just in case the traffic is not what you intended.

Finally, write catchy headlines. Those in the form of questions are the most effective. But bold statements also draw traffic. Your goal is to write the sort of headline that catches the attention of the reader and makes them want to read more about the subject. And that would make them click all the way to your landing page.

Facebook Pay Per Click may not compare with Google PPC at the moment. It may even be a little risky for the undiscerning advertiser. But it is exciting nonetheless, and could make you money if you get the hang of it and take it seriously.